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Mark V S.
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Learn from an audio master how to be intelligible and to blend-in with your English speaking!
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Student Favorite
Tired of being self-conscious speaking English? Need help being understood when you communicate? Book me now, and I will coach you! My name is Mark V, and I am an American-English native speaker who is IDELT-certified (with a 4.0 GPA). I am a life-long English enthusiast and published writer as well as an award-winning teacher of many topics for many many years. I also speak fluent Russian and conversational German. When I listen to you speak, I have the unique advantage and perspective of a seasoned music producer, recording and mixing engineer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, and sound designer whose professional and detail-oriented trained ear can help you sound amazing quickly. I can suggest improvements in diction, enunciation, pronunciation, vocabulary choice and word order as well as techniques in everyday conversation to focus on making a positive and lasting impact with your audience. As a teacher, I work with you -- the individual you are -- and adapt to your best way of learning while guiding you to meet your goals and exceed your expectations. Book me now and become the change you seek!
About Mark V S.

Hello, welcome, and thank you for taking a moment out of your busy life to find out more about me! I appreciate you! My name is Mark V, and I have been “Specializing In Melody” since the age of 5 when I discovered my natural ability to play and create catchy tunes by teaching myself the harmonica by ear. I went on to learn the accordion at 10, the piano at 12, MIDI and synthesizers at 15, the guitar at 30, and a long list of other exotic instruments along the way, completely by ear. Simply put: if it makes music, sound, or noise, I like to figure it out! I have collected rare synthesizers since 1984 and have well over a 100 synths in my collection. I was also one of the first instructors to become officially Avid (Digidesign) Pro Tools certified back in 2003 and have been teaching Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Reason, audio editing, sound design, MIDI, music production, composing, arranging, songwriting, and programming since 1998 having won numerous academic awards along the way. I've also taught piano and synthesizers since 1986 and began to share my love of my first two instruments -- the piano-accordion and harmonica -- a few years ago to balance out all of my technical background. I have a BA from UCSC in an individual major of Audio/Visual Composition. I wear many hats including my first passion as a prolific composer, BMI/BMG songwriter, producer, sound designer, Pro Tools editor, MIDI expert & programmer, consultant, published writer, award-winning instructor, and IDELT-certified ESL/EFL teacher inspiring my students to become better than they ever dreamed possible all while having FUN! Learning and wisdom are lifelong pursuits of mine, and I love to share tips, tricks, shortcuts, and time-saving techniques in all I do while keeping the flow casual and personable. I have successfully taught and inspired tens of thousands of students over my career, and I look forward to creatively inspiring you as well while helping you achieve your artistic goals. In ANYTHING you do, the key question to ask is: "How can I make this FUN?" Book Me Now, and let's find out together! Stay unique and see you soon!

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