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Marcelo N.

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Tutor with 26 years of Experience Teaching Brazilian Portuguese as a Second Language.

Incredibly, linguistic experts have found a way to teach an adult a second language without the time-consuming and tedious memorizing of grammar rules and vocabulary. My first contact with this interactive method was as a student in England, then later as an instructor. The principle is simple: to learn your second language as you did your first by listening and understanding, speaking, reading and eventually writing. It is a method widely regarded by national and international schools of language as the best method with adult students. It is based on studies which demonstrate the interval of time that new vocabulary has to be repeated to the adult learner for it to move from short term memory to long term memory. It is a directed, conversational method that requires little or no outside the classroom study, therefore it is vitally important that, when a student misses many classes in a roll, it's important he schedules extra time with the instructor to recover the material. Textbooks are provided for use during the class. If you would like to learn more about the method, please contact me. Here are the most frequently asked questions by new students or someone who is interested in learning Portuguese. Although I give some details here, remember that each person learns differently, at a different pace and has different strengths and weaknesses. What advantages do your students realize over other Portuguese language programs? My students can take advantage of the expertise offered by large schools and 26 years of experience teaching Portuguese but have the added flexibility of dealing with an independent contractor. Operating costs are lower for independent contractors, which means savings for you. As this is a fast-track program, the student will see results faster, beginning to speak in the first lesson with no time spent outside the classroom "memorizing". The bottom line is cost savings and rapid results. How long is the class? The student decides the term of the class based on his own commitment level and goals. For someone who wants to learn "enough to get by" the class will be significantly shorter than for the student who wants to be fluent. I do not have any preset start or finish times or dates for classes; each one is tailored to the students' requirements and goals. How long does it take? Again, it depends on the student's pace and the number of instruction hours per week. I recommend that the schedule-minded person set attainable goals for himself, for example, re-evaluate every 3 months and make appropriate schedule adjustments based on his goals. Where is the grammar? Some students are under the impression that this method does not teach grammar. The student learns all the grammar, but not through the use of grammar exercises, but rather through practical use. A thorough study of the books will show that all the grammar will be covered, subjunctive, reflexive pronouns, passive voice, etc. Why no homework? Students accustomed to studying a language in the traditional manner feel as though there is something missing if they are not given homework. However, homework is not necessary with this method. A language can best be learned through verbally practicing with the professor. If, however, the student wishes to do homework, there are optional exercises throughout the books. How can I learn to write without practicing writing? While it's true that the method does not focus on writing skills, the student will learn the necessary skills via other methods. If a student tries to force himself to write too soon, he will translate from his native language directly using the vocabulary learned. Using this method, the message often comes out distorted. For example, someone who thinks in English would say "I get up at 6 o'clock", but someone translating from Portuguese might say "I raise myself up at 6 hours." My method first teaches the student to think in the language, then to write. How is the division of classes done? Many schools divide their students into three or four levels, solely according to their knowledge of the language. This method depends on building a foundation, like building blocks, with each lesson building on the last. Each lesson repeats what has already been learned in previous classes for reinforcement as well as teaching new vocabulary, structures, etc. The level of the student is determined not solely on his knowledge of the language, but mostly on his ability to apply and use what he has already learned. A huge vocabulary does not help the student if he is not able to carry on a simple conversation. How large are the classes? The class can be a maximum of 10 people at the same level or could be as small as a private lesson. In my experience, semi-private and private lessons work best for most students. How many words does the student really learn in your course? It's important to mention that we communicate in sentences. We start to practice them from the very first moment you start your lesson 1. However, I can tell you precisely that you'll learn about 250 words in the first 10 hours of lesson, 750 words in 30 hours and by the time you've reached 160 hours you already have learned about 5600 words in Portuguese. What's the secret to learn a language then? Five Secrets for Success for your Portuguese class. 1. Come to the class. Since all new vocabulary is introduced and practiced during the lesson, and for new vocabulary to take hold in your short-term memory, practice is essential. 2. Speak as much as possible. Repeating, speaking, and using your vocabulary to create new phrases and sentences is the method used for adults to firmly establish vocabulary in your long-term memory. 3. Use your book for reference only. As incredible as it sounds, reading directly from your book actually retards the learning process. Always try to repeat the word, sentence or phrase without reading. Reading should be reserved as a last resort. or when is required by your teacher. 4. Practice. At every opportunity, regardless of how little or how much vocabulary you have. 5. Don't quit. Persistence beats resistance. * I use Teams for video conference lessons. *
About Marcelo N.

I feel it is important to point out that I have only begun to learn English in 1993, so I have experience as an adult language student as well as an adult language instructor. I began teaching Portuguese in 1997 and writing my own material in 1998. I have 26 years' experience teaching Portuguese Lessons as second language.

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Portuguese Tutor
Apr 2003 - Present
Private Lessons
Teaching Portuguese language from beginner to advanced students using my own material.
Portuguese Tutor
Jul 1998 - Mar 2003
Nokia Mobile Phones
Taught Portuguese language to beginning and advanced level students. Also wrote 4 guides to teach Portuguese language and a website with grammar tips for students as well as native speakers. Provided written and interpretations from Portuguese to English and vice versa as well as translations of speeches from English into Portuguese language.
Portuguese Tutor
Jun 1997 - Dec 1999
Belitz Language Center
Teaching Portuguese language on site at Berlitz location and business sites as well.
Bachelor's Degree in Science
Feb 1983 - Nov 1989
FEI - College of Industrial Engineering - SB do Campo, Brazil
Professional Proficiency
Native Proficiency
CL-150 Transparent language
Feb 2023
Transparent Language
Online software language lessons creator.
Industrial Technology Certificate
Nov 1997
Bill J. Priest Institute, Dallas Community College District County - Dallas,TX - USA

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