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Sewing with Lily Q.

New York, New York

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Teaches online
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Age: 7+
Speaks English
Teaching since 2004
Fashion Design and Merchandising
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Let the Best Sewing Instructor in the East Coast, help you master the skill of machine sewing.

Beginner-You will learn basic skills of hand and machine stitching, seams, darts, pleats, zippers, pouch, tote bag and build many more samples into a scrapbook. **It is recommended that you have a Binder with transparent sleeves for sample techniques. Intermediate- Fabric dimension and behavior, cutting skills, bias binding, various necklines and making a skirt or blouse. Learn to make garment with commercial pattern. Advanced-Make dress, skirt, pants or blouse with lining. Or make home-decor items, e.g Cushion covers, throw pillows etc. Note: Although students learn at different rates, the above results are expected, if taking lessons at least 1hr per session, for 5sessions @ all levels. A session can be twice or once weekly.

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