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SAT with Katrina Z.

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Teaches online
Teaches Elementary, Middle School, High School, College
Age: 5+
Speaks English, French
Teaching since 2015
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Boost your scores fast: expert tutor with 9+ years of experience and perfect SAT & ACT scores

I've been teaching the SAT and ACT for 9+ years and my students have gone on to boost their scores by 200+ points. I love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you! Coming from a background of online education and homeschooling as well as attending an Ivy League university, I am extremely capable of not only helping you reach your goals, but pushing you further in accomplishing amazing achievements! Boost your scores by learning with a tutor who achieved a perfect score on the SAT and ACT.

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Teaches Online
Teaches Online

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About Katrina Z.

My background of online education as well as attending an Ivy League university propels my passion of teaching academic subjects. I have been teaching for 9+ years and I absolutely love helping students reach their greatest goals and aspirations. Additionally, I am a singer/songwriter and a fluent French speaker. I am passionate about music and have been writing songs for years. I have been speaking French all my life. I love to help students reach higher and achieve astounding accomplishments. I am very friendly, so don't be shy to ask me a question! I can't wait to work with you :)

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