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I was born in the states. To a pair of VERY asian parents. I am conversationally fluent in and would love to help anyone that is interested in learning Chinese primarily through conversation and other materials of interest. I am deeply curious about the language and want others to see the same beauty that I see in the language. Can't get there without proper pronunciation though! Give it a try! See how you like it. 祝你好运! Justin / 董青华
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Hey all. My name is Justin. I am a pretty simple guy, really. I like girls. I like languages. My dream vision is to travel the world, acquiring languages along the way, and leaving the people in each respective country the English language after I've left. English, to me, is the future. I am absolutely convinced. I also believe that the language is taught completely wrong. My goal is to help students to fluency in English as quickly as possible. Students will actually enjoy their time learning. They will remember and be able to use the language forever. That is my goal in teaching. That is what I hope we can achieve together. I am currently attending the University of Utah. If all goes smoothly, I will have graduated in two years with my bachelors in International Studies in the summer of 2022, at which point I shall begin to travel full time, starting with moving to Brazil. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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