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Learn Japanese with an experienced teacher who makes your goals their goals - whatever they are!
Japanese is my pet subject, and I am passionate about both learning and teaching it! Whether you're about to start learning yourself or are already learning and looking for extra help, congratulations! I have been teaching Japanese for over a decade to a variety of students, such as college students and military preparing to be stationed in Okinawa. Teaching Japanese is a particular passion of mine, because even though I wanted to learn as a high-schooler I had to wait until my sophomore year of college to find a teacher. Japanese learning should be far more easily accessible, and that's what I'm here for! Whatever your goal is - to learn Japanese for professional purposes, private purposes, or even just to watch your favorite TV programs without subtitles - I make it my personal goal to help you achieve it. I look forward to helping you succeed with Japanese!
About Emily G.

Hello! My name is Eminor (my preferred name!), I'm a state certified teacher with many years of experience teaching and tutoring both in and out of the classroom, and I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals. I hope to get to know you in person soon, but until then, here are my qualifications and interests. See you soon! Qualifications: - Graduated magna cum laude from Texas A&M University with a BA in Classics, Greek focus, and a minor in Japanese. - Graduated with Merit (UK equivalent of a 3.0 GPA) from The University of Nottingham in England, Master's in Ancient History. - Texas state certified to teach English both level and advanced for grades 9-12. - More than a decade of tutoring experience in English language arts, foreign language, and study skills; five years of classroom teaching experience: one year at a private academy of students with learning differences and disabilities and four years in public school. - Have taught students as young as 8 years old and as old as 63 - Coached and ran academic clubs and extracurricular clubs such as state spelling and writing competitions and creative writing clubs. - My proudest accomplishments to date include teaching an elementary student to love classical literature and one of my Latin students going on to join and excel in college translation courses as only a junior in high school. Interests: - Reading and creative writing such as short stories, poetry, and even fanfiction! - Singing: I hope to resume voice lessons soon! - Jogging - Watching foreign television such as anime or BBC programs - And of course studying languages! SPECIAL NOTE: I have experience in door-to-door sales and am willing to teach what I know, help analyze your numbers and performance, etc. TakeLessons doesn't have such a specialized course listing, so if you want that service, please select any kind of lesson and just inform me directly that you want this service. My experience comes through Third Coast Events as one of their top account managers in three different campaigns, so I have a wide breadth of experience.

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