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Daniel M.
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Develop your chess strategy with lessons from a chess player and teacher with a rating of 1500
I am an avid chess player. I am a 3rd category chess player. I am part of the Chess Federation in Peru and USA. I can teach little kids as well as to people who want to improve their openings, middle game, and endgame. My Rating is 1500+.
About Daniel M.

My name is Daniel and I am originally from Peru. I have lived in the US more than 8 years and helped many students improve their grades and knowledge. I love teaching, I can teach you at where you at and take you where you need to be. I only need a student with the desire to learn and to practice. I like to help students realize they have the intelligence and ability to solve the problems on their own, they just need the right direction. Nothing is too difficult once we understand how to do it!

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