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Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate

Would you like to talk in Korean?
Do you want to sing along K-pop?
Are you going to have a job interview in Korean?
Are you going to study abroad in Korea?

Let's try it. I can help you. I have a job and adult training related experiences more ten years in Korea. If you have any needs about Korean, I can provide effective and practical solutions.

- student needs based conversational learning
with more 10 years HR manager experience
with more 10 years Business experience
with Korean legal knowledge (Master of Law)

I know how difficult of leanring a foreign language and understanding the culture. I can help you learn Korean and the culture. If you will get a clear reason why you learn Korean, I can design the class for your goal and needs.

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Cheol Hong teaches



Cheol Hong passed a background check that includes a SSN verification, national criminal record check, and sex offender registry search. Learn More
Cheol Hong delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 15 to 70 and special needs

Teaching since:

I wish to share my experiences and knowledge with my students through teaching and learning Korean. I have a mastery of the Korean language that is broad and in depth, for I am a Korean native born and educated. I have a nuanced understanding of its culture, its history and its people and I am confident that there are few better fit to teach those who are interested in these.

I was born in 1965 in Korea and spent my life in the rigorous Korean public school system. I received my bachelor degree from Kyung Hee University and went on to Kyung Hee University Graduate School of Law where I received my law degree(1990, Master of Law). I was employed by LG Display in its Human Resources and Knowledge Management Department for 11 years and moved to the USA in 2008. I received my GED diploma in 2009 and after taking on several employment interests here in the US, including completing a nursing program in 2010, I have come to own and manage a small business and am finally settled in with my family.

* Experience:

1. Human Resources Management: Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting, Positioning, Compensation, Labor Relation Management, Wage Adjustment and Negotiation, Employ Satisfaction Survey and Analysis

2. Human Resources Development: Organization Development Project(Organization Culture Activity), Knowledge Management

3. Information Technology Related : Human Resources Management System Development and Operating in Corporation Resources Management System, Knowledge Management System Development, Operation and Maintenance

4. Adult Education: Knowledge Management Training Program Development, KM Lecturing, KM Facilitator Workshop Program Design / Operation / Evaluation

5. Small Business Management : Set-up, Operation, Recruiting, Account Management

6. Medical Knowledge : I received my certification as a Nurse Aide in 2010 and finished one year course in the Nursing Program

I have an extensive background in my experiences and education. This gives me the breadth of knowledge to educate students of Korean language, my mother tongue, on a wide range of fields and issues. As a native Korean I can provide intimate and insightful understanding of every aspect of Korean life and language. All you need to do is tell what your interests and goals are, and I can devise a program of study just for you.

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Mar 2008 - Present

Company Set-up, Operation, Recruiting, Account Management

Knowledge Management / Human Resuources Management
May 2002 - Mar 2007
LG Display

- Knowledge Management System Development Project, Launching and Education
- HR Planning / Recruiting / Staffing

HR Management / Knowledge Management
Oct 1999 - May 2002

- HR Management and Support
- Knowledge Management System Development Project and Facilitation
- Adult Education(Knowledge Management Lecturing / Workshop Facilitator)

Human Resuources Management
Jan 1995 - Oct 1999
LG Semicon

Labor Relationship Management, HR Planning, Wage and Welfare Negotiation Planning, Organization Development


Master of Law
Mar 1988 - Feb 1990
Kyung Hee University
Bachelor of Law
Mar 1984 - Feb 1988
Kyung Hee University


Professional Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency

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Photo by Cheol Hong P.

Photo by Cheol Hong P.

Photo by Cheol Hong P.
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Judy Jul 28, 2019
Korean · Online

Cheol Hong is a very good Korean teacher. He's very patient and seems to love teaching. You can't go wrong choosing Cheol Hong as your Korean language instructor, I'm glad I did.

Jessica T. Jul 20, 2019
Korean · Online

I had my first lesson today, he is an amazing teacher. He has already given me so many resources to help me learn faster. I also have a much better understanding of proper pronunciation with just one lesson. I am looking forward to the rest of my lessons.

Latasha W. Jul 17, 2019
Korean · Online

It’s my third lesson and he is still very kind as he has to put up with me and my forgetfulness.

Brigitta Jul 14, 2019
Korean · Online

In a bit more than half year I’ve learned a lot from him. I wasn’t sure back then how to even choose teacher, and I’m really happy I choose him. In a short time he can clearly teach a lot, and the classes are really fun. He has a great knowledge which I love listen to. Also cares with the student in a personal level, that helps me all the time to keep going, and regularly checks on me to keep up my motivation. He always goes the extra mile, to make sure I have every knowledge I need at the time. For me he has everything a great teacher needs to have!
저는 한국어 공부를 지난 겨울에 시작했습니다. 한국어 공부를 시작했을 때 저는 뭘 하고 있는지 몰랐습니다. 선생님 덕분에 저는 한국어를 더 빨리 이해하기 시작했습니다. 그리고 저는 한국과 사랑에 빠졌습니다. 한국 언어하고, 문화 그리고 역사와 한국인의 사고방식을 알고 싶습니다. 선생님께서는 항상 저에게 계속해서 힘을 주셔서 얼마나 감사한지 모릅니다. 정말 감사합니다 박철홍 선생님!

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Latasha Jul 3, 2019
Korean · Online

He is really kind and patient with me in order to help make the lessons easy for any beginner to understand. So if your looking for a teacher you should Cheol Hong.

Liana Jun 25, 2019
Korean · Online

He was so patient and really took his time with me. I look forward to learning more and taking more lessons with him!

Wisdom Jun 22, 2019
Korean · Online

At the beginning of the class I had a few technical difficulties with my laptop. However, my instructor demonstrated a GREAT deal of patience while I was troubleshooting. He hung in there with me and made sure we completed our entire first session. EXCELLENT first class experience.

감사합니다 선생님 박철회씨

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Nichole Jun 21, 2019
Korean · Online

I took a 15-lesson course with Cheol Hong and had a great experience. He really catered the lessons to fit my Korean language ability and he was very patient and kind when helping me pronounce and read words. I could tell he really cared that I was actually learning and improving during our lessons. He made sure that I was able to understand simple conversation sentences to practice basic Korean. I informed Cheol that I was learning Korean because I am going to teach English in South Korea in a few months and he made sure that he taught me the basics to be able to survive there when shopping, using transportation, asking for directions, ordering food, giving directions in class, etc. I really enjoyed my time with Cheol and recommend that anyone who is interested in learning the Korean language from a native speaker to contact Cheol to set up classes. He is really sweet and caring. You won’t regret it.

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Emily Jun 19, 2019
Korean · Online

I really enjoyed my first lesson, he made it simple and easy to understand and made sure I knew what was wrong and right. The way he explained made it easier and a lot more clear for me. I look forward to to future lessons.

Yvonn May 28, 2019
Korean · Online

Mr.Park is a very nice and welcoming teacher. He made me feel at ease and he was very reassuring if I felt as if I was not doing well. I am looking forward to our next class.

Clarissa M. Mar 20, 2019
Korean · Online

Encouraging and supportive!

Person Mar 14, 2019
Korean · Online


Martin Mar 11, 2019
Korean · Online

Very very informative lessons. I would definitely continue my lessons with Mr. Park but unfortunately my work schedule is overwhelming! I wish I could take more classes!

Michael Feb 27, 2019
Korean · Online

Cheol sets a fast pace but does a good job of making sure the student understands. He builds on the information he teaches in a logical manner. I look forward to more lessons with him and anticipate that I will learn a lot!

Clarissa M. Feb 18, 2019
Korean · Online

My lesson was really fun! Cheol Hong is very encouraging and we were able to cover a lot of information in 1 hour.

enoch Feb 8, 2019
Korean · Online

Teacher Cheol Hong is very patient, kind, and easy to learn from. He also gives interesting history and definition on the back ground of some of the vocabulary to make lessons more fun. I would highly recommend him.

Nichole Feb 6, 2019
Korean · Online

This teacher is very kind and patient. He made sure that I was understanding the topic before moving on and made my lesson an interactive experience rather than just teaching at me. He gave me many opportunities to practice what I was learning throughout the lesson. I am confident that he will be able to help me get to the level of proficiency I need.

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Austin Jan 17, 2019
Korean · Online

Very patient, understand the language and pronunciation very well.

sandy kim Dec 10, 2018
Korean · Online

Cheol Hong is very patient, enthusiastic and positive about teaching Korean language. I look forward to continue learning from Cheol Hong in the near future to improve my reading and pronunciation. Cheol Hong is prompt, and eager to teach.

Brigitta Nov 30, 2018
Korean · Online

I just had my very first lesson with Mr 절홍.
He's very nice, patience, and clever. Very friendly and cares with the student in a personal level too, to make sure everything is understood and dreams are achieved! I recommend to anyone who's interested in the korean language and culture , to study with him!

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kitzain Sep 16, 2018
Korean · Online

I’ve had alot of fun taking these lesson and i feel I’ve learned so mich in the last couple classes, Mr. Park is very patient and finds ways for me to understand the material better if i dont understand it the first time.

kitzain Aug 27, 2018
Korean · Online

Kaila Aug 27, 2018
Korean · Online

My first Lesson with Cheol Hong was great and I will definitely be working with him some more!

Wendy S. Aug 15, 2018
Korean · Online

Very friendly, gave detailed explanations, and was willing to answer any and every question I had. I enjoyed the first class!

Amanda Aug 2, 2018
Korean · Online

He is not only a talented teacher but also a genuinely knowledgeable person. Looking forward to continuing with my Korean with Cheol.

Youngju Jul 31, 2018
Korean · Online

Cheol Hong has a genuine talent for teaching language. I am an experienced teacher of many years and I can see this clearly. I have known him personally as well as professionally and am always impressed by his sincerity and the clarity of his thinking. He is also, patient and willing to work hard for students, and these are characteristics of the most effective teachers. I have no doubt that whoever his students might be, he will provide satisfactory instruction for accomplishing their goals.

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Steve Jul 31, 2018
Korean · Online

Mr. Park Cheol Hong has been a good friend for more than a year now. I know him to have an admirable knowledge of Korea, its language, history and culture. Thus, not only does he deftly handle the essentials of the spoken and written word, he knows how these go in the complex social structure of native speakers where knowledge is assumed. This is an immense benefit for those wishing to understand the language as well as the nuances of interaction, for Korea is rigorously constructed culture.
I heartily recommend Mr. Park for those who want to learn Korean. He adjusts the learning pace according to the student and is very accommodating to the individual. A great teacher!

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