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Levels Taught:
Elementary, Middle School, High School, College

The term math is a very broad term covering all math from basic counting through more advanced topics such as statistics, calculus, geometry, algebra and more. I teach all math topics through Algebra I. Algebra I is generally taught in middle school or the first year of high-school. Common to all topics in math is that I use manipulative. Math is an abstract concept. Using visual objects that can also be held and touched makes math easier to understand.

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Becky delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 4+ and special needs

Teaching since:
June 1982


I'm an online certified teacher and private tutor. My personal goal is to foster academic success in the student in your life. In addition, I strive to teach the necessary skills for every one of my students to become independent learners.

From reading comprehension and algebra to study skills and English, my mission is to tutor students who have fallen through the cracks in our educational system. Meeting my clients’ specialized needs is an essential part of each lesson I create.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education (emphasis on reading and reading comprehension) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. My teaching experience includes 33+ years of tutoring, 10 years in the public school system teaching first grade, 10 years in both the public school system and private schools teaching music and 1 year at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) teaching basic computer use.

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Student Mentor/Tutor
Jun 1982 - Present
Multiple Locations

Upon initial consultation, the student is given a diagnostic test to determine the most effective teaching strategies, as well as content strengths and weaknesses. I then evaluate the test results and develop a customized learning plan, emphasizing specific targeted goals for achievement during tutoring sessions. Together with the student (and parents of child students) determine long-term learning goals. Input from other sources, such as student’s teachers, is often included in this phase of planning. The ultimate goal is to realize progress and success while reinforcing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

I then formulate a lesson plan prior to each tutoring session. It outlines specific objectives to be met in that session, based on the student’s personal progress. This plan corresponds with the predefined goals in the student learning plan. All activities completed during the tutoring session are written for the purpose of achieving the stated learning objectives.

The lesson plan and tutoring session are modified, as needed, to improve the student’s progress. Flexibility exists for accommodating problems, such as additional study requirements for accomplishing a learning goal. This flexibility is also beneficial when the student accomplishes a learning goal more quickly than anticipated.

I've mentored/tutored more than 500 students with a success rate over 90% as measured by improved grades in school, increased appropriate participation in classroom, more initiative and self-motivation, improved subject matter understanding, and increased enjoyment of academic work.

I have delivered an accurate evaluation of new student's learning styles, academic strengths and academic weaknesses with a success rate over 95% as measured by results of pre-session diagnostic testing compared to performance in lessons, feedback from classroom teachers and parental comments.

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Site Director, Coordinator
Aug 2014 - May 2016

Arts-In-Mind is a non-profit after-school program with four sites in the St. Louis Public Schools. It's an arts-based program using theatre as its unifying focus. As site director, I ensure the program is in compliance with state laws. As coordinator, I formulate and implement lesson plans designed to encourage student creativity, critical thinking and self-reflection.

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Technology Adjunct
Jan 2012 - Dec 2013
Southwestern Illinois College

I taught computer concepts. The students learned things as basic as how to turn the computer on and off as well as what a mouse is. The students also learned, at the basic level, how to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I used available technology such as Quia.com, Blackboard, personal website, Smartboard, and Elmo to enrich student learning, increase student motivation and class involvement, and improve student understanding of class material resulting in 76% of 123 students earning an A or B. I monitored individual student progress and provided intervention when needed resulting in 4 students raising their class grade from D to B and 5 other students raising their grade from F to B.

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Teacher - Music and First Grade
Dec 1990 - Dec 2009
St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, Self Employed, Alton School District

Taught music for approximately 9 years, substitute taught for 1 year then taught first grade for approximately 9 years. As a first grade teacher, was frequently complimented by second grade teachers that my students were always noticeably ahead in reading.

I was also actively involved in building and district committees. I created and chaired a building recycling committee making it the largest recycling program in the district.

I also served as the vice-president, then president, of the district-wide Local Professional Development Committee. Teachers are required to earn a specific number of Professional Development credits yearly in order to maintain certification. It was the LPDC's job to check these credits for over 750 teachers in the district, maintain the list of how many credits have been earned, what was done to earn the credits, when the credits were earned and make sure every teacher earned the appropriate number and type of credits. I developed and maintained the database that stored this information. As a result of our work, 0 teachers lost their certification due to missed deadlines.

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Master of Arts
Jan 2002 - Aug 2005
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Bachelor of Arts
Aug 1985 - Dec 1989
University of Missouri at St. Louis


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Illinois Self-Contained (Classroom) K-9
Jul 1998
Illinois Department of Education

Illinois Music K-12
Aug 1995
Illinois Department of Education

Missouri Music K-12
Dec 1989
University of Missouri St Louis


Phi Kappa Phi honor society membership
Aug 2005
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


National Tutoring Association
Feb 2015

The NTA was formed in 1992 for the purpose of establishing a membership organization for tutoring professionals. The NTA is dedicated exclusively to tutoring, and represents the interests of thousands of tutors in the U.S. and thirteen other countries, practicing in all phases of tutoring, program administration, and supplemental student services.

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Photo by Becky D.

Photo by Becky D.
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Linda Sep 4, 2017
Reading · In home

Chase was way behind reading in the first grade. It was becoming a serious problem as Chase grew to hate school. That is, until Miss Becky came to help.

Mother, father, teachers, and grandparents all tried to help. But none of us could get to him…he completely shut down. His tears and frustration were heartbreaking for all of us.

In three months of lessons with Chase and coaching for the adults (we changed our approach entirely), Chase not only caught up with first grade reading, but was more than ready for the second grade.

As Chase entered the second grade, we continued lessons with Miss Becky to ensure that Chase did not fall behind. He did very well that school year...what a huge difference from the previous year! He got to the point where he could read everything in front of him. The entire family was elated, especially Chase! Now he could read and understand vocabulary words that were one and two grades ahead of him. As he enters the third grade, reading is no longer a nightmare!!

With Miss Becky's academic knowledge and her very special approach to teaching children, she has made one boy and his family very happy!

Thank you, Miss Becky, from the very bottom of all of our hearts!

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lolo Sep 4, 2017
Common Core English · Online

Becky helped my children immensely! She was able to assess their knowledge base, highlight areas that required improvement and fine tune those areas they were doing well in. She was engaging, encouraging, organized, clear and concise with her teachings, which resulted in enormous growth. We highly recommend Becky and can not thank her enough for her dedication and fun teaching methods.

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