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Christopher A.

Christopher A.

This course is for persons that wish to use and deploy WordPress to manage web based selling platforms, blogs, news sites, and even communities as a base administrator! On a side note, this course can dive into more advanced concepts like creating WordPress Themes and Plugins to gain advanced knowledge in internal WP Development. WordPress used to be specifically a domain name aimed at web hosting (and still is) however with an open developing community a standardized set of files have been openly been distributed for anyone to use! With these files you gain a set of tools: WP Control Panel Database integration Theme and child theme design. Plugin and widget systems CRM (Content Management System) -Admins -Users -Products -Pages -Posts And countless possible customizations and extensions. Today's Digital Market demands more developers capable of running and troubleshooting WordPress code. This Course includes introduction into web developing with HTML and CSS and further moves into more functionality as the course continues. For basic WP administration bare minimum HTML and CSS is required however further subjects like PHP MYSQL JAVASCRIPT provide the administrator with code based troubleshooting skill sets.
/30 mins
Matthew H.

Matthew H.

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/15 mins