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Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

WordPress used to be specifically a domain name aimed at web hosting (and still is) however with an open developing community a standardized set of files have been openly been distributed for anyone to use!

With these files you gain a set of tools:
WP Control Panel
Database integration
Theme and child theme design.
Plugin and widget systems
CRM (Content Management System)

And countless possible customizations and extensions. Today's Digital Market demands more developers capable of running and troubleshooting WordPress code.

This Course includes introduction into web developing with HTML and CSS and further moves into more functionality as the course continues. For basic WP administration bare minimum HTML and CSS is required however further subjects like PHP MYSQL JAVASCRIPT provide the administrator with code based troubleshooting skill sets.

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Christopher delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 7+

Teaching since:
August 2010

With eight years experience at Valencia College and 2 years at University of Central Florida I have experienced a wide variety of students between the ages 7 to 60 years. This experience has enabled me to customize lessons in one to one sessions with each unique student and their unique needs.

My teaching methodologies include plenty of visual aids, simile's, and clear communication with a strong emphasis on Socratic questioning to stimulate critical thought in helping to understand and take control of the information to be learned.

Sessions include visual and auditory components to learning and for students who need kinetic interaction to fulfill their learning process assignments can be assigned or custom problems can be created to be solved with an overview process of what is understood and what needs to be better diagnosed.

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Undergraduate Student Assistant
Jan 2017 - May 2018
University Central Florida

Manage Labs around College Algebra and Intermediate Algebra courses using Aleks and Webcourse systems. College level material.

Valencia College
Jan 2010 - Mar 2018

Specialization in Pre-Algebra and College level Mathematics including Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, Developmental Mathematics, College Math, Liberal Arts


Aug 2008 - Mar 2010
Valencia College
Computer Systems information
Aug 2006 - May 2007
Winter Park Technical Institution


Fluent / Native Proficiency
English (USA)
Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


National Tutor Certificate at the Advanced/Level II
Nov 2011
Valencia College

Certification of general student/tutor conduct and support strategies. Certify ability to teach multiple types of students at all college level ages.
Certify social communication strategies when addressing anxiety with students. Further specifics in teaching strategies.

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National Tutor Certificate Advanced Level II
May 2011
Valencia College

Photos & Videos

Second segment to turning a typical HTML template into a full fledged PHP served application.
This series starts off animation and design using the Blender software that is free, open source, and extremely powerful.
In this video series I teach how to use PHP to transform a basic HTML CSS Template into a full fledged Dashboard. Enjoy!
Hey there! In this video I showcase my process in teaching individuals (ages 7+) programming concepts and progress into Computer Science
Sample session with mathematics, how to distinguish terms, and a few tricks on how you can make equations looks a lot nicer
Me! :)

In Taiwan as a Technical Journalist observing ThermalTake

Award for Teaching Strategy and Patience!

Certification for College and University Level Tutoring country-wide, provided and certified by Valencia College
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Anil Solleti Sep 18, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Great teacher is very helpful

Anil Solleti Sep 11, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Very helpful and patient

James H. Aug 23, 2019
· In studio

He was very good.

Anil Solleti Aug 21, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Romita Aug 20, 2019
WordPress · Online

Christopher is awesome teacher and really knows his stuff!

Ido D. Jun 14, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Christopher is really good, He is very nice and he manages to clarify difficult concepts and make them simpler. I had a lot of fun studying with him.

Dorian M. May 30, 2019
Basic Math · Online

What a great new way to view math! In a positive work space and given a variety of ways to problem solv, this has been a great new experience! Thank you!

Anna Apr 14, 2019
Algebra 2 · Online

Very patient explaining algebra concepts! Highly appreciated!

Cara .. Apr 12, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Craig F. Mar 27, 2019
JavaScript · Online

Super knowledgeable and detailed. Definitely looking forward to next lessons

Rigel Mar 24, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Dionne Mar 6, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Aaron Lo Mar 2, 2019
Algebra 2 · Online

Very patient and knowledgeable about the subject. Always prepared and detail oriented and easy to talk to. Taught me how to solve linear equation, inequalities, and logarithmic functions.

Daniela Feb 27, 2019
JavaScript · Online

Romita Feb 24, 2019
WordPress · Online

Chris is an awesome teacher. Very knowledgeable about marking and branding wile using technology to your advantage. Looking forward to the next session.

Kathy F. Feb 10, 2019
Algebra 2 · Online

Abraham .. Jan 28, 2019
Computer Programming · Online

Guys this instructor is very good, the fact that I accomplished 95% of what I set out to do in a very short amount of time is a testament to his knowledge and computer training. We were able to implement a good amount of features in an API im working on, so I only worked with him at the intermediate level, but im sure beginners could also benefit from these lessons as well.

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Abraham .. Dec 18, 2018
Computer Programming · Online

Nikita Dec 6, 2018
Computer Programming · Online

Chris has natural teaching talents. He is teaching JavaScript (!) and general computer science to my 8yo and 10yo kids. At the beginning, I was concerned with Java-stuff, sounds boring, too early for this age. But in fact, kids cannot wait until the next lecture. They are already demonstrating their programming projects in school, and testing the new knowledge on Grandpa (haha). Kudos, Chris!

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Yanaris Oct 20, 2018
Algebra 2 · In home

Not only one othe the best tutor I’ve ever had, but also one of the most dedicated and extremely patient tutor. Always makes sure you understand the concept or subject been discussed. He has his funny ways too =^D

Bigsby Oct 20, 2018
Pre Algebra · In studio

Chris is a highly dedicated and knowledgeable person with an honest passion for education and service. Above all, he is patient and persistent and will tirelessly help any student of any level seek the mathematical understanding they desire. He will ease the torment of a student's curricular struggles with a positive attitude and worldly advice. For excellent help, seek the tutelage of Christopher A., a one-of-a-kind guy with a math-twinkle in his eye!

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Catalina Oct 19, 2018
Algebra ·

He is amazing and very patience and very funny, very understanding and foucs on you when helping.

Novella Oct 19, 2018
Algebra · In studio

Christopher has great interactive skills and has helped me through a lot when I was struggling through some obsticles in math. He carefully explained methods that helped me find strategies to make math easier and fun! Highly recommend!

Sohan Oct 19, 2018
Algebra 2 · Online

As tutor Chris did tremendously perfect job with his math skills. He patiently worked with me toward the problems also very good in explaining the concept. He is a perfect tutor for me that don't have good math background because he always taking his time to make sure I get the basic concept before moving on. He always be the most favorite tutor for students that i know ever worked with him.
I can recomend him as one of the best tutor ever!! 🤩🤩🤩

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Rolando Oct 19, 2018
Algebra 1 · Online

Very good tutor, I met Chris in Valencia math center and he helped me throughout all my Valencia years, math is my worst subject and he helped me get through all my classes..

Ligia Oct 19, 2018
Computer Programming · Online

Christopher helped me with some programming questions I was really struggling with. I felt comfortable about asking anything as he had different approaches to the subjects and he was always in a good mood! THANKS Chris!

Geena-Maria Oct 19, 2018
Calculus · In studio

I worked together with Christopher at Valencia College. He is a great tutor and a great person! Till today we still have people request him for various subjects like college mathematics, computer programming, and calculus. Whenever I got stuck he always helped me understand the problem better. He is very smart, patient, and kind. And we miss him so so much!!!

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Jessica Oct 19, 2018
Algebra 2 · In home

I wouldn’t have survived math classes without him!

Kayla Oct 19, 2018
Pre Calculus · Online

Excellent tutor. Very chill. I have been helped for several years by Chris. Super knowledgeable and he easily adjusts to help you understand math in more that one way. Uses great visuals as he explains the math problem. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Yolanda Oct 18, 2018
Algebra · Online

Christopher is very patient and adjusting to my daughter's paste of learning .She was struggling with algebra and now she feels confident. Its so nice to see the change in her. He will try different approach if he sees confusion on her end and wont give up until he is sure she understand the lesson . He makes sure she is comfortable asking questions at any time and always listens and explains with patience even if he explained it a few times previously. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

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Oleg Sep 20, 2018
Computer Programming · Online

Mariusz Feb 5, 2017
Computer Programming · Online

What else do I have to say, good as always worth the money!

Mariusz Jan 22, 2017
Computer Programming · Online

Once again another great lesson with Chris, my third one now.
He really is interesting to listen and fun to watch him coding as always!
I recommend him to people out there who want to have lessons with him!

Mariusz Jan 15, 2017
Computer Programming · Online

Fun lesson, he gave me lots of websites to mess around with code. He is a good teacher

Mariusz Jan 8, 2017
Computer Programming · Online

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