Ultimate Resource Guide for Korean-Language Students

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Korean-Language Students

Ultimate Resource Guide for Korean-Language Students

When you’re taking Korean lessons, some reliable, thorough online resources can help you brush up on your skills between sessions with your Korean teacher. From Korean-language websites to fun YouTube videos, here are the best online resources to help you learn Korean.


How to Study Korean

Learning any new language isn’t just about memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary, mastery of a language requires the ability to apply it in real-life situations. How to Study Korean understand this and is designed to help you learn to actually speak and apply the Korean language. The website is divided into units and lessons with tests at the end of each unit to make sure you understand the material.

According to the website, by the time you’re done with the lessons, you will know “nine thousand of the most common Korean words and 99.9 percent of the grammar that is used in Korean conversations.”


Start with the basics of the Hangul alphabet and work your way up to sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary. This website takes a gradual approach, so you wont feel intimidated, and you can study at your own pace.

If you get stuck on a specific topic, check the website’s community forum for support from their Korean teachers.

Remember, you can also go over anything that confuses you with your Korean tutor.

Sogang Korean Program

This website is provided by the Korean Language Education Center at Sogang University, and its mission is to promote education, culture, and language.

The lessons will give you a great overview of Korean grammar and pronunication, and there are interactive practice exercises to reinforce the lessons.


KoreanClass101.com is a fun, interactive website to help you learn Korean. The website uses lots of different types of media like audio and video lessons featuring Korean hosts, downloadable PDF guides, and smart phone apps to help you learn on the go.

Learn Korean Language

One of the best parts of studying a language is learning about the history, culture, and traditions. This will broaden your knowledge and enrich your learning experience.

The Learn Korean Language website offers Korean-language lesson, a Korean blog, Korean news, and information on Korean history and culture.

If you’re looking for an introduction to the Korean language and information about traveling to Korea, bookmark this website, now!


KOSNET offers e-Books and video lectures for Korean-language students. No matter your level, you can find the right resource to expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the Korean language through reading, listening, and speaking.

In addition to Korean-language textbooks, you can also find educational materials on Korean history and culture.


Omniglot is an extensive online encyclopedia of languages, writing systems, and alphabets. Omniglot has educational materials for many different languages, but you can find some excellent resources to learn the Korean writing system, and learn about Korean vowels, consonants, phrases, and more.

Life in Korea

Life in Korea is an excellent resource for Korean-language students and travelers. The site is broken into sections which group different real-life situations so you can learn useful, applicable Korean phrases.

If you’re planning to visit Korea, Life in Korea is a fantastic place to find accommodations and information for your trip.

Korean Learning for Correct Pronunciation

If you don’t have native Korean speakers you can practice with, then this website is great to perfect your pronunciation.

The audio files will help you learn the correct pronunciation for Korean words. There is also a character glossary for a quick reference for Korean characters.


Study Stack

Memorize Korean vocabulary with these digital flashcards. Choose from the pre-made sets or create your own.


LearnWithOliver offers audio flashcards, learning exercises, and tests to help you memorize Korean words and phrases.

You can also compete with other users with fun, interactive online games.

Anki Korean Deck Flashcards

Study online or sync these digital flashcards across multiple mobile devices.


Videos are a fun and entertaining way to learn Korean. Here is a list of some of our favorite videos to help you learn Korean:

The Best YouTube Korean Videos for Beginners


Whether you’re looking for textbooks, workbooks, or eBooks, here are the best, most resourceful books to help you learn Korean.

The Best Korean Books for Language Students

5 More Fantastic Books for Language Students

What other Korean-language resources do you love? We want to hear from you, let us know in the comments below!

While these resources are all very helpful, remember, the best way to learn Korean is through private lessons with a Korean tutor. Find a Korean teacher near you and start learning Korean today!

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