korean books

5 More Fantastic Korean Books for Language Students

korean books

Learning a new language is a rewarding and enriching experience. Unfortunately, for some, it can also be intimidating. The Korean language is full of complex sounds, grammar rules, and confusing sentence structures.

For native English speakers, Korean can be hard to digest. With a qualified Korean teacher, and supplemental materials like Korean textbooks, however, a dedicated student can learn and master the Korean language.

The right tools can help you get off to a great start when you’re learning Korean. Here is a short list of some of the best, most resourceful Korean books for language students.

1. “Elementary Korean: Second Edition”

If you only get one of the books on this list, make it “Elementary Korean.” This Korean textbook has a wealth of comprehensive information like technical grammar lessons, workbook exercises, illustrations, and an audio CD.

After completing this book, you will have a solid grasp on the basics of Korean. The exercises are all in hangul (Korean Alphabet), which allow you to practice learning the language and the writing system.

2. “Korean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean”

The best and most entertaining way to get into learning a language is through immersion, and for this reason, “Korean for Beginners” is invaluable to Korean-language students.

This book takes a humorous approach to learning, and gives you a strong foundation in Korean culture.

3. KLEAR (Korean Language Education and Research Center) Textbooks

The Korean Language Education and Research Center (KLEAR) offers a number of comprehensive materials for Korean-language students. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate student, you can find a book that matches your level.

With so many different textbooks available, you can acquire new materials as you advance in your Korean-language studies.

The KLEAR textbooks take an interactive approach, and will help you learn hangul, sentence structure, and Korean grammar.

4. “Basic Korean” by Pimsleur

This audiobook is a fantastic resource if you need some extra help with pronunciation. The lessons go into great detail and enunciate each word, so you can train your ear to learn the different sounds.

Armed with these textbooks and a well-qualified Korean tutor, you can learn and master the Korean language.

행운을 빌어 요 (Good luck!)

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