best youtube korean videos

The Best YouTube Korean Videos for Beginners

best youtube korean videos

When you learn how to speak Korean, it’s important that you practice reading, writing, and speaking. Learning a new language also requires guidance from a knowledgeable, experienced tutor. In addition to Korean lessons, however, some reliable online resources can help you gain a better understanding of the Korean language.

Audio and video resources can be extremely beneficial to Korean-language students, especially for pronunciation and speech development. Luckily, there are number of Korean videos available online.

Here are the best YouTube Korean videos to help you learn and understand the Korean language.


KoreanClass101 is one the best Korean videos when you’re just starting to learn the language. The videos teach you how to pronounce basic Korean sounds and phrases, and help you learn proper pronunciation and conversational Korean.

The lessons are short and engaging which makes this one of the quickest, easiest, and most fun ways to learn Korean.

Learn Korean With GO! Billy Korean

These Korean videos are fun and entertaining. Billy’s fun, energetic approach makes these videos ideal for kids and adults who want to learn basic Korean.

Billy is an American who began studying Korean in 2005. In his video series, he shares his tips, and quick-and-easy learning techniques. If you’re looking for more learning resources, Billy also has a book, “Korean Made Simple,” which you can purchase through his website.

Korean Champ!

Learn basic Korean with the Korean Champ video series. There are beginner and intermediate lessons that focus on everything from vocabulary to essential conversational phrases. The videos will also help you gain a basic understanding of proper usage and how to apply your new Korean-language skills.

This video series will help you gain a basic understanding of proper usage, and help you apply your language skills to real-life situations.

Besides the YouTube series, there are video lectures and podcasts available on the Korean Champ website.

99 Korean

The 99 Korean videos will help you learn language basics and also give you a good foundation in speaking and writing in Korean (hangul).

You will learn how to express yourself in life situations, and once you are done with the lessons, you should be able to have basic Korean conversations.

While these videos are great for at-home practice, the best way to learn Korean is through lessons with a private instructor. You can ask your Korean teacher to recommend more videos and online resources to help you practice between lessons.

What other Korean-language videos do you like to watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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