2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Learning Korean Isn’t as Hard as You Think

  1. As a person born and raised in the korean language, i do generally agree with most of the points listed here EXCEPT that the grammar is “straightforward”. firstly. i would like to point out that korean grammar is definitely not as easy as it is implied to be in this article. in the initial stages of learning korean, it is difficult for an english speaker to even begin to truly understand the grammar because it is just different. after the first shock and confusion of the grammar fades, and the individual may learn the basic tenses and endings, there is still a whole TON of nuances and endings in the language which depend on situation, time, and possibilities, which the learner will probably never fully grasp. i don’t think it’s realistic to paint the korean grammar in such a light, unrealistic, and almost disregarding manner, especially for beginners in korean, as to whom this article is geared to. i predict that the author is a linguist well versed in korean, for a non-native speaker, and that he probably has mastered the basic and intermediate grammar, but has not really scratched the “hard” grammar. i know this sounds very critical and it makes me seem like i’m simply defending my language’s honor from people who seem to oversimplify it, but even as a pretty fleunt speaker of 18 years who lives in a korean household, i have trouble forming ideas in korean. i understand korean very well, but my parents sometimes have difficulty understanding my grammar when i am speaking to them. even through all of this, i didn’t touch on the more “native” korean, the korean language that natives actually speak, which is more complex and nuanced than the standard korean that beginners learn. as i don’t want to type any more, i’ll just say that korean grammar shouldn’t be downplayed, especially for english-speaking people who want to learn it, because it is inevitably difficult, at least to some degree, for the vast majority of yall. i sincerely don’t mean to be disrespectful; i just wanted to post my feelings on the topic. thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your valuable feedback! We really appreciate and respect what you have to add to the conversation. 🙂 We did not intend to downplay the Korean language in any way, as we understand that it can in fact be challenging and complex. But our aim is to encourage learners of all ages that it is not impossible to learn Korean – with the right teacher, guidance, and practice.

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