Plan The Trip of a Lifetime: 6 Must-Read Korea Travel Blogs

Korea Travel Blogs

If you’re studying Korean for an upcoming trip, then you need to know more than just basic vocabulary and sentence structure.

In order to have a fun, safe trip, you need to plan ahead. Luckily, there are several resourceful Korea travel blogs that will help you prepare in advance for your trip to Korea.

If a trip to Korea is on your bucket list, here are five must-read Korea travel blogs you should check out now.

1. Discovering Korea

The Korea Tourism Organization named  Discovering Korea the best travel and culture blog about the country. It introduces you to customs and traditions, and guides you to some of the most spectacular places.

Matt Kelly, the creator of Discovering Korea, set out to explore Korea to learn more about his mother’s native country. The insightful posts will make traveling to Korea that much more exciting.

You can search by region, destination, or by “the best of DK” posts.

2. Seoulistic

Seoulistic touts itself as “Korea simplified.” For anyone who has traveled abroad, you know a site like this can offer essential, invaluable advice.

Seoulistic doesn’t just tell you where to go or what to see, it also offers tips on some of the more unusual attractions. Read about how to make friends in Korea, and learn about the strange toilets you may encounter on your trip.

5. Seoul Searching 

According to Kimchibytes, Seoul Searching is one of the hottest blogs in Korea.

The site gives readers an in-depth look at culture, cravings, hot spots, and other odds and ends.

6. Budget Travel Guide South Korea

Written by a woman who traveled to Korea on a shoestring budget, Budget Travel Guide South Korea provides prices, tips, tricks, and translations for anyone interested in traveling to Korea.

This blog is a delightful, lighthearted look at the ups and downs of traveling to an unfamiliar place.

Sample Itineraries

A sample itinerary can be very helpful to plan travel logistics. Here are three fantastic reads:

Don’t forget one of the best things about visiting a new place; sampling the food! Check out these Korean food blogs to learn all about the most popular Korean delicacies.

Traveling to Korea is fun and exciting. These blogs will show you why Korea is such an incredible destination, and help you prepare for the best possible travel experience.

Want to learn how to speak Korean before your trip? Sign up for Korean lessons with a private tutor today! 

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17 replies
    KIM JENNY says:

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  2. Jabin
    Jabin says:

    Great list and helpful for the traveler! Actually, we are going to Seoul at the end of Nov. Just wanted to know if you can recommend any places to see the foliage with is a short time.

  3. Jhon Magno (Uno Tours)
    Jhon Magno (Uno Tours) says:

    Wow! This is a great blog because it gives me an opportunity to get to know Seoul, Korea with a lil bit of mystery and not giving it away like I want to visit it. Thank you very much for this! 🙂

  4. desert safari dubai
    desert safari dubai says:

    I was planning to go Korea on a visit and don’t knew about much, You shared really helpful blog information of Korea.

  5. Tim Wood
    Tim Wood says:

    Great list of useful resources. I just wonder if english language will be sufficient for communicating with people there or we have to learn some korean language.

  6. Jill White
    Jill White says:

    Korea is a unique country with original traditions and a high level of respect, politeness in the culture. I would love to go there someday!
    Thank you for providing so much high-quality!

  7. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    South Korea is such an amazing travel destination for me.
    I have been there for a couple of time.

    I loved your honest and resourceful travel guide, photos are mind-blowing.


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