Korean food blogs

Bring Your Appetite: The Top 9 Korean Food Blogs

Korean food blogs

Learning a new language isn’t just about memorizing grammar rules, it’s also about tickling your taste buds and sampling some amazing new foods. So as you’re taking Korean lessons, let these Korean food blogs be your guide as you treat yourself to some delightful Korean delicacies.

Koreans are foodies, and it shows in their diverse cuisine. It’s an excellent food culture to explore, and it features everything from traditional dishes, Korean BBQ, and street food favorites like the giant ice cream cone.

When you visit Korea,  you will have all sorts of new foods to explore. But you don’t need to wait until you visit Korea to try the delicious food. These 10 Korean food blogs will teach you everything you need to know about Korean food, and teach you how to make some of the delicious dishes at home.

1. Seoul Eats

best Korean food blogs

Find interviews, restaurant reviews, travel tales, and more on this delightful blog written by Daniel Gray.

Daniel guides you through the more traditional customs, teaches you to eat “abnormal delicacies,” and gives you information about wonderful culinary tours in Korea, including his own.

2. ZenKimchi

Korean food blogs

ZenKimchi has become a monster of a resource. The website has all the information you need on the best, highly-rated food tours.

The journal also provides the ultimate restaurant guide, a food calendar, and an extensive list of places to find cheap eats.

3. My Korean Kitchen

Korean food blogs


Check out My Korean Kitchen to see Sue’s amazing photography as she gives you a visual tour of the food of Korea.

Find recipes, products, restaurant reviews, and tips for living in Korea.

4. Seoul in the City

korean food blogs

Seoul in the City is an adventure to find Korean food (and other cuisines) in a variety of cities. Seoul is on the list, but when you’re in the states, there are some solid restaurant recommendations as well.

It’s a lovely blog about a girl who loves Asian food, with a strong focus on the best in Korean cuisine.

5. Seoulistic

Korean food blogs

You’ll love Seoulistic for many reasons. Sure, you can find plenty of info on where to eat and unique food spots in Korea, but you’ll also find lots of fun articles about Korean culture.

6. Aeri’s Kitchen

Korean food blogs

Aeri loves to cook. She’ll introduce you to some delicious Korean foods, and she’ll even teach you a little Korean.

With Aeri’s guidance, and her warm personality, you will learn about lots of different Korean foods, and you’ll even learn how to make some of the dishes on your own.

7. Easy Korean Food


With easy-to-follow recipes, Easy Korean Food lets you enjoy delicious Korean dishes whenever you want.

Whether you’re looking for a Korean BBQ recipe or a decadent dessert, learn to make signature Korean dishes in your own kitchen at home.

8. Maangchi

Korean food blogs

Maangchi developed a community of dedicated Korean food lovers. Find information about cooking and preparing Korean food, and participate in an active forum of restaurant owners, novice and professional chefs, and foodies from around the world.

9. EatYourKimchi

Korean food blogs

Bloggers Simon and Martina will entertain you with their videos that document their adventures in Korea.

Learn about traveling in Korea, the Korean culture and lifestyle, and of course, the food!

The food of Korea is as diverse as the culture. Exploring Korean food is the most flavorful way to learn the language, customs, and all about the people who live in Korea. Check out these Korean food blogs to discover an array of delightful dishes and delicacies.

Which Korean dishes are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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