4 thoughts on “How to Read Violin Notes for Beginners

  1. This is excellent to start . I find this very helpful. Could you please explain how to hold the instrument with the chin and left shoulder.I am guilty of holding instrumentup with my left hand instead of my chin and shoulder thank you

  2. I am kinda lost on the ledger lines, and how to figure that out? My daughter is learning violin and i am trying to show her how to remember what lines are what but these do not fall under the acronyms used (that I can see). the example above shows a note two ledgers up above. I don’t see how you get “D” as the answer. I didn’t follow what it said earlier. I am not in anyway knowing in all that trying to show a child who is same as I, so a learning curve for the both.

    1. Figuring out the notes on the ledger lines is easy. Take the example above of D. You know that the last space of the staff means an E ( using the mnemone FACE). Now just count up from E. The line above E will be F. The space above F will be G. The line above G will be A. The space above A will be B and so on.

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