9 Places to Find Free, Cool Math Games Online

cool math games

Looking for cool math games to keep your kids busy and learning, while having fun at the same time? Check out our favorite websites and resources, compiled by Dallas, TX tutor Kristin S.


Do your kids groan when they hear the word “math?” Is it impossible for them to even imagine doing math outside of school, let alone enjoying it? Check out these fun (and free!) math games from Math-Play.com, and use them during the summer to keep your kids mentally sharp, or strengthen any areas of math that may be challenging them. Browse the website to find other cool math games that are specific to grade level, topic (fractions, adding integers, place value, etc.), and your child’s interest (sports, logic, game shows, etc.). They can play solo or with you, depending on the game. You may just find that they like math after all!

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Choose from many topic options, including place value, order of  operations, algebraic expressions, and square roots. See how far they can advance, and watch their ability grow over time!

Try the “2-dimensional shapes” version for elementary-aged children, or “7th grade Algebra” for middle-school students. Challenge them–can you beat their score?

This game includes an “adding decimals” option for younger children, and “2-step equations” for older students. Tying math into their interests can help turn it from work to play.

Give your soccer-lovers a fun way to practice reducing fractions to their simplest form. Also, try rounding decimals, dividing fractions, or adding two-digit numbers.

Challenge your child to identify different geometric figures that are 3-dimensional or on a plane. Geometry doesn’t have to be hard! Prepare them for the basics by trying out different geometry games covering a range of topics.

Need more ideas? Here’s a list of other websites that offer cool math games for free – they provide a wide variety of options, for beginners in math to the more advanced:

  • FunMathGames.com – for learning and practicing math skills
  • Coolmath-Games.com – a great site for those who love math, and those, well… who don’t
  • HoodaMath.com – math games for mobile users of all ages
  • PrimaryGames – Math – who can resist games with titles like “Skater Math” and “Pizza Party”?
  • Sheppard Software – Math – game topics include fractions, money, algebra, place value, and math operations (addition, etc.)
  • Funbrain.com – Math – go here to play Ball Hogs, Mummy Hunt, and Bumble Numbers
  • Softschools.com – Math – a good site for learning basic skills, with games like “Mad Minute Multiplication”, “Umbrella Coloring Addition”, and “Fishing Subtraction”
  • Games.com – a general games website that offers free math games

Finally, if you’re trying to steer your kids away from the computer this summer, how about some old-fashioned fun? Grab a deck of cards and challenge the whole family to this fun, fast-paced math game:

  1. Decide which version you’re going to play (addition, subtraction, or multiplication)
  2. Set the deck of cards in the middle of the players, and flip the topcard face up next to the drawpile. This is the target card.
  3. The starting player shouts, “GO!” and flips the next card face up on the other side of the drawpile. Whoever performs the chosen math operation (addition, subtraction, or multiplication) first with the target card grabs and keeps the card flipped by the starting player. The person to the left of the starting player immediately flips the next card, and play continues moving to the left until the deck of cards has run out. After winning an ace or face card, the target card is placed on the bottom of the deck and a new one is flipped to continue the game.
  4. Once the end of the deck has been reached, each player scores points for the cards they have won. Number cards are worth 5 points. Aces and face cards are worth ten points. The winner receives glory and fame; the loser must eat a sour pickle dipped in ice-cream, or you may also simply continue on to another round!!

In short, there are lots of fun ways to encourage your kids to keep up with math this summer. These are especially helpful for those who find math boring or really challenging. Use the suggestions above, or come up with your own cool math games – and have fun!!

KristinSKristin S. provides tutoring in a variety of subjects in Dallas, TX. Her tutoring experience includes Geometry, Pre-Algebra, elementary Math, English, Spelling, Reading, and Reading Comprehension, and she has experience working with children with Attention Deficit Disorder and behavioral disorders. Learn more about Kristin here! 



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