Do You Know the Absolute Best Book to Read for Practicing a Language?

The Absolute Best Way to Learn a Language With a Book

There are so many different ways to learn a language. It’s good to have some guidance on which is the best! In this article, we’ll explain why one beloved book series is the best to way to learn a language…


Language learning doesn’t have to be boring. It’s not all about reading textbooks and completing workbooks. It’s much like a quest; you have to discover the feel, rhythm, and nuances of the language yourself. After all, some aspects are difficult to memorize and– like our native language– better learned through practice.

Learning a language can actually be quite fun! From using tongue twisters to playing with language apps to performing in theater, there are plenty of ways to make it exciting. Reading is an excellent and fun way to expose yourself to a new language. Although we love watching films, they have a lot of visual and nonverbal information that doesn’t benefit your language skills. Just as fun and more effective, reading forces you to tackle the language head-on.

Once you learn the key vocabulary and basic grammar of the language, reading Harry Potter is an excellent way to further your education! Let’s find out why.

Why Reading Harry Potter is the Best Way to Learn a Language

harry potter


1) It’s Universally Available

Harry Potter has loyal fans all over the world. This wouldn’t be the case if the series hadn’t been translated into 74 different languages! Whether you’re learning Spanish, Korean, or Japanese, Harry Potter can help you. As an added bonus, each translation has a different book cover. Fun!

me gusta

2) It’s an Easy Read

The Harry Potter series is a relatively easy read. The first book is appropriate for ages 6-7 and the most difficult book for ages 11-12. Since Harry Potter is a children’s book, you don’t have to worry about reading above your level. Alternatively, the books cover a range of grade levels from 1st to 7th grade. This is great for the more advanced learners. The series offers something for language learners of all stages!

Plus, if you’re already familiar with the series, you don’t have to waste energy figuring out the plot or who the characters are. You can just focus on the language itself!read

Of course, you’ll come across words you don’t know. These give you an opportunity to grow! Don’t reach for a dictionary right away. Wait a while, and sit on the word for a bit. There is a lot of repetition throughout the books. See how the word is used afterwards, so you can figure out the meaning yourself. It’s a fun challenge, and you’ll be more likely to remember the word!

3) There’s Multiple Volumes for Continued Learning


There’s a lot of material for you to keep busy with a whopping 7 books in the series. Each book is usually a grade level above its predecessor. As the series progresses, the language and themes become more complex. This will guide you on your learning journey as you become stronger in the language!

With the progressive difficulty, you’ll be able to track your progress easily. This is important in giving you motivation to keep learning.


There’s a wealth of knowledge waiting for you in the Harry Potter series– especially since each book is longer than the last!


4) It’s Written in Modern Language

Harry Potter was written recently, so the writing doesn’t include phrases that are old or outdated. You don’t have to worry about dissecting 17th century foreign writing!


Granted, there’s Latin-derived phrases like “Expecto Patronus” or “Alohamora“, but those usually stay the same in translated versions. Easy! Sure, there’s some vocabulary that is specific to Harry Potter, but let’s be frank. Are you really going to complain about knowing that “Zauberstab” means wand in German?

5) It’s Written in a Conversational Tone

Seeing the language in context is essential! We would argue that it is the best way to learn a language. You can memorize verb tenses or sentence structures diligently, but they’re difficult to apply when the pressure is on. The Harry Potter series is written in a conversational tone that can be applied in real life easily! Reading will help train your brain, so that nuances, like using the correct verb tense, make click and become second nature to you.


6) There are Audio Books

Have you ever read a word where you later surprised by the pronunciation? Take the word “epitome.” Although you’d think it’s  pronounced “epi-tome”, it’s actually pronounced “epi-tuh-mi.” This is why the translated Harry Potter audio books are such a great resource!pronunication

You can listen to the audio book while you’re reading. You’ll get a better grasp of new vocabulary by learning how to pronounce and spell the words– at the same time! Listening to the audio books will also train your ear, so that you’ll imitate native speakers more accurately. You’ll be more accustomed to the rhythm of the language.

7) You Can Have Movie Nights

The Harry Potter films have been dubbed in many different langauges. When you’re done reading one of the books, you can grab some popcorn and your favorite candy for a movie night with friends! Watching the movies will strengthen your new-found vocabulary when you can hear how they’re pronounced and when to use them,. You’ll also get to hear native speakers talk naturally and grow familiar with how fast they speak. Watching the movies will strengthen your listening skills.

Although reading the books are a more effective way to study, you deserve to relax! Watching a movie is a well-earned reward for powering through a translated Harry Potter book!


Learning a new language is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Now that you know why reading Harry Potter is such a great way to study a foreign language, dive right in, and pick up the first book. To help you on your language-learning journey, sign up with a private language instructor today!

Did we miss anything on this list? What do you think is the best way to learn a language? Share your thoughts and comment below! 

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