Top 11 Apps for Violinists

Fauré Requiem score on the iPad

Everything is getting more high tech these days, even the centuries old violin! If you haven’t yet started to incorporate iPhone or iPad apps into your violin practice, this list is the best place to get started.

From basic tools every musician needs, including learning aids and sheet music to apps that are just plain fun, these apps for violin are essentials for the 21st century string player:

  1. Let’s Play Concertos This fun apps lets you practice and play your favorite violin concertos with a virtual orchestra! You can also play with a metronome track, tune your violin, and even share your song with friends.
  2. Learn Violin This educational app includes instructional videos as well as text, making it a great supplement for those times in-between lessons when you need a little extra guidance.
  3. Violin Multi-Tuner You might not always have your tuner on hand, but you probably always know where your phone is! Download this or other helpful tuning apps and never be without a tuner again.
  4. forScore Many musicians love forScore for the way it helps to organize and consolidate sheet music on the iPad, eliminating the need to carry large binders or dig around piles of papers for the right song. There are also foot pedals available for purchase which can be attached to your iPad, allowing you to easily “turn the page” while you are playing.
  5. Tunepal This great app for fiddlers helps you to identify and play traditional songs. Just record a sample of the song you’re hearing, and Tunepal will search their archive and provide you with the sheet music.
  6. Tenuto On the look out for customizable exercises that improve your ear for intervals and more? Then Tenuto is just the app for you! There are 15 different exercises that challenge and test your musical ability, allowing you to sharpen your skills away from your instrument.
  7. String Trio Just for fun, String Trio is an iPad app that simulates the actual experience of playing violin. You can also adjust the settings to play viola or cello.
  8. Metronome Use this mobile app to keep time wherever you practice. Practicing with a steady beat makes a big difference in your success!
  9. Cleartune – Chromatic Tuner This chromatic tuner is a great app for multi-instrumentalists or players interested in alternate tunings.
  10. Classical Music I: Master’s Collection Access hundreds of pieces of beautiful classical music with this app! This is a great reference for students and teachers, as it puts many of the worlds’ most loved pieces of music at your fingertips.
  11. Right Note – Ear Trainer Ear training is absolutely essential for violinists! Continue working on training your ear with Right Note, and test  yourself on pitches, intervals, melodies, and more.

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