5 Musical Instruments That Fit In Your Carry-On Bag

With life’s hectic pace, we know busy music students sometimes find it difficult to keep up practice time and consistent lessons. Now that summer is here and many students also have travel plans coming up, it can be tempting to put music lessons and learning on hold. However, these 5 pint-sized instruments make it easy to travel light and still get your music fix! Read on and decide which musical instrument you’ll be packing in your carry-on bag this summer…

1. Ukulele In addition to being small, light, and portable, the charming ukulele lends the sounds of the Hawaiian Islands to your summer travels. Guitarists and students of other stringed instruments will find much of what you already know applies to how to play the ukulele, but there is still enough difference to add interest to your traveling practice sessions.

2. Harmonica No matter where you’re going, you can always fit a harmonica in your pocket and play a song right on the spot. This bluesy little instrument, sometimes called the “mouth harp” is great for travelers who love blues and folk music. Guitarists especially might be interested in learning harmonica to accompany themselves on guitar, like the legendary Bob Dylan.

3. Melodica This quirky instrument looks like a tiny piano and is played by blowing into the reed while pressing down its keys. Although the melodica’s range is somewhat limited, piano students will enjoy hearing familiar pieces transformed by this small instrument, and it can provide a great, portable aid to practice reading music.

4. Flute Most flutes are lightweight, thin instruments that can easily fit in a backpack. Students interested in classical music will love learning to read music and playing tunes on this clear-toned wind instrument.

5. Bongo Drums Okay, so this one doesn’t quite fit in your carry-on bag, but compared to lugging a full-sized drum set around, a couple of bongo drums look incredibly portable. Drummers can easily practice keeping time and learn more complex rhythms on these comparatively tiny drums.

Extra Credit: Your Voice If none of the above instruments appeals to you, guess what? You already have an instrument you carry with you every day. Why not take the time to develop your singing voice? Start by taking singing lessons and you’ll find you can practice just about anywhere, with little or no equipment necessary!

Are you a musician planning to travel this summer? Let us know what you’re taking in your carry-on bag in the comments!

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