12 thoughts on “100+ Online Tools and Resources for Musicians

  1. This is great! Is there such a thing as a standalone, low-cost option for publishers/songwriters to collect digital mechanicals and sync royalties? I will not pay $75-100 to Tunecore, etc. for publishing administration when I know I will never recoup those fees with fractions of a penny!

    1. Hi Flash Jack-Thanks for the comment. We’re so glad you found this list helpful. Have you checked out any of the alternative options within the list?

  2. Hey Brooke, we wanted to throw our hat in the ring, and add to this great list. AirGigs.com was started in 2012 by musicians, for musicians. It’s grown to be a great resource for songwriters and producers who want top studio musicians, singers and engineers on their songs, and for session musicians who work from their own studios. We have facilitated 1000’s of successful remote sessions, and a good number of our people are making solid side income from the site. Hope you check us out!

  3. For Violin players, you should also try Stringsalong.com! We have TONS of online, video play alongs. Watch your progress sky rocket as you play with accompaniment! You can try playing with a multitude of other instruments. Play with in a duet, a trio, or even a quartet!

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