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Deron C.

Deron C.

Learn how to unlock your creative potential and release the artist inside you while also learning how to paint. Deron C. has been exploring painting for over 20 years and has been teaching others how to express themselves creatively with paint for over 10. He will lead you through a creative process that encourages creativity and allows painting students the freedom to paint in an intuitive way. If you've never painted before, Deron will guide you through the basics of painting, color theory, and the elements and principles of design while helping you exercise and strengthen your creativity. If you are a painter that needs a little advice or direction TakeLessons.com instructor Deron C. will help you evaluate your work, answer your questions and provide guidance to get you on the right track.
/30 mins
Priscilla L.

Priscilla L.

The first thing I do before the first day of class is send out an enthusiastic email to introduce myself. We then Briefly discuss the learning goals for the course based on the visual literacy, technical, and intellectual competencies the students would like to achieve by the end of a period through the questionnaire. This is ideal for me to design the course or update an existing course for the student's desired outcomes. The customized syllabus and the schedule are completed along with a comprehensive strategy for what will take place during our lesson together. I incorporate technology all the time. I'm also inclusive driven because I believe everyone can learn no matter their capabilities or background, I also engage with my students by catering to their interests, and I embrace my dualities and share them with my students. You will learn all you should know about abstract painting, from choosing the right paint, paper, and brush, varnishing, and creating a collage to creating a complete composition. I will assist you in creating the abstract painting or mixed media art without spending a fortune on tools and materials. Plus you will be confident in understanding not only the technique like how to create texture but also your expression in this art form will take new life. Every class we work on something new; this method of mine is great for all students no matter their level. The topics covered include Primer, Texture, Paints, Brushes, Undercoat, Dark undercoat, Dimensions, Details, Painting process, and more.
/30 mins