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Joseph B.

Teaching conversation and translation at native and highest levels. I am a native speaker of the Russian language, a professional musician with perfect pitch and thus no accent in my speaking. I am also equally fluent in English and have been hosting radio programs spanning over 10 years. I have given talks in both languages internationally and have been published by Carol Publishing as well as Genet Publishing in newspapers, on line, in print both soft and hard cover available in Barns and Noble, Amazon and anywhere fine books are sold. If you are learning to speak in the Russian language or if you are improving your skills, if you are a singer working on enunciation and the feeling of the language for writing, speaking or singing - you have come to the right place. My family of professional musicians have helped orchestras and choir in the production of Alexander Nevsky on the big screen in concert of the Eastman Theater that to this day continues to illicit fond memories in the thousands of people who witnessed an American choir singing beautifully and expressively as native Russians with the orchestra. Some of the most amazing literature and poetry is in the Russian language. Feeling its music and beauty is a gift to be cherished. Such memories and moments in life are so rewording! Translating to my friends and family the movies we watched together is more precious than even a photograph. I would like to help you reach such moments in your life and to be comfortable in your speaking and reading if you wish. The lessons or conversational and easygoing. Like friends meeting over a cup of coffee or tea. If that interests you, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!

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Helped me a lot with pronunciation. At times he is hard to understand because of his accent, but I'm sure I am hard for him to understand as well. Still, I learned a lot and want to continue.

Greg (Russian lessons with Daniel M.)