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Valentina K.
Teaches Online
I have instructed over one hundred students in private German courses. I routinely exceeded student retention expectations. In a period of eight months, my efforts doubled the number of students enrolled in the German language program, through my professional and effective teaching.
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• Russian native speaker • Familiar with the Romanian language • Experienced instructor • Able to plan and organize a classroom curriculum • Able to communicate and coordinate with a wide range of individuals Hello, my name is Valentina. I'm a Russian and German teacher. German I specialize in teaching German at the High School level. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in German and spent a year working and studying in Munich, Germany. I then found work in a private school and instructed over one hundred students. I have since continued tutoring individually specializing in online lessons. My goal is to improve my students’ language skills through conversation and I push my students to speak German from the first lesson. I believe this helps students gain fluency and lose their fear of making mistakes while speaking. No one can be perfect in a month but the student needs to be comfortable enough with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation so that they can communicate in German and improve through conversation and dialog. Russian I am an experienced language teacher. My experience is teaching German as a second or third language to Russian and Romanian speakers, but since I am a native Russian speaker I can use what I have learned teaching German to teach Russian. My teaching philosophy is to learn through practice. Everyone makes mistakes and part of learning a new language is overcoming the fear of making mistakes and being willing to work through errors to convey an idea or thought. People learn a language best when they use it as a tool to achieve a goal. I am a native Russian speaker and I have studied Russian since elementary school. I graduated from university, where 40% of the courses are taught in Russian including Russian grammar and literature. I have taught private courses as a German teacher, to Russian speakers, and therefore I have experience explaining Russian grammar and conversation. I have a deep appreciation for Russia’s literary heritage and am constantly reading classic Russian texts. I have experience teaching online Russian language to English students. My materials are adapted to English speakers and my beginner students are excited and able to engage in Russian small talk within 6-8 lessons. My lessons are efficient, well planned, and productive. ***24-hour cancellation/rescheduling notice required***

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