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Ciao amici! I'm Rita! I'm 31 years old, and was born and raised in Catania, Sicily, Italy. I have a degree in food science from the Universita' di Catania. When I moved in America 6 years ago, I also decided to study to become a dental hygienist and to improve my English skills. But my real passion is to teach, share my knowledge, communicate and connect with people, learn from my students different approaches to interact with them. Other than teach my beautiful language, Italian, I am a yoga and pilates instructor. As a real Sicilian I have a big passion for food, cooking but especially eating, :) I love to help students reach their goals. With a little bit of patience and passion I believe everyone has the potential to succeed. Can't wait to meet you! Ci vediamo :)
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Ciao amici, I am Rita and I am from Sicily, Italy. I moved to America 5 years ago without speaking English. When I landed in US I did not know this platform existed, otherwise it would have been faster and easier to immerse myself in a different society and culture. My passion for sharing and teaching started when I was younger through dance, Yoga, Pilates and cooking classes; however, today I am here to help you learn this beautiful and romantic language. I truly believe that each of us has something to teach and something to learn from one another. Looking forward to seeing you :) a presto!

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