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Philippe R.
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I was a high-school teacher at the French "Education Nationale" for 10 years during the first part of my career and then shifted to being a copywriter and a tutor in written communication for professionals (still in French). I am now an author but never stopped tutoring students of all ages. I focus on learning methods and on practical exercises, for which private lessons are a privileged opportunity. The didactics of teaching are a passion of mine. They help in my own writing and encourage the rigor and open-mindedness that are necessary for all learning fields. Having had a teaching experience both in-class and one-to-one, I genuinely appreciate the trust, confidence, and fun that the latter allows.
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I am a French teacher with 10 years of experience in high school, 4 in individual tutoring, and 3 in training professional publics in written communication. Having the privilege of dual citizenship, I now enjoy living in the U.S and have become an author in my own right. I am indeed passionate about learning, teaching, and writing. My whole professional career has revolved around teaching in one way or another to varied publics as the years have gone by. What I do appreciate the most, however, is individual tutoring because this is how the student can best benefit. I always make sure that the working program is properly defined before diving in, since every person has different needs and encounters different types of difficulties. My personal conviction, in this regard, has always been that it is up to the teacher to adapt to the student by understanding where he/she is at, not the other way round. This, to me, is where the joy of teaching and learning resides. I do push students to stretch out to attain results but always make sure that they see the process as their own and have fun with it as much as possible.


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Teaches Online

Philippe has helped tremendously with my written French in work for a U.S. business and with my conversational and writing skills. He is patient, professional, and good humored. Un professeur formidable!

Posted Aug 28, 2021

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French Tutor
May 2021 - Present
French tutoring for adult foreign students
Nov 2019 - Present
One Home Planet
My website mission is "Critical Mind Building for a World Together". I touch on subjects revolving around economic, political, and environmental issues.
Founder and Manager of an Editorial Communication Agency
Jun 2009 - Dec 2012
Clients were from the public or the private sectors and of all areas of activity: banking and finance, IT, manufacturing or state administration.
Trainer in Written Communication
Jun 2009 - Sep 2012
The various audiences were mostly engineers, nurses, state agents, students, and IT professionals. This experience resulted in the production of a manual for the usage of other trainers.
French and Philosophy Tutor
Sep 2004 - Apr 2009
I was helping out high school and undergraduate students.
Independent Copywriter
Sep 2000 - Apr 2009
By adapting to all kinds of demands and professional contexts, I learned the best practices of copywriting. I went from publishing online content in the specific area of preventive medicine to answering all types of business needs.
French and Philosophy Teacher
Mar 1983 - Mar 1993
Education Nationale
High School teaching.
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016
DeVry University
DEA in Philosophy (Graduate)
Oct 1978 - Jun 1983
Sorbonne - Paris IV, France
Fluent/ Native Proficiency
Fluent/ Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency

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