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Web Design with Matthew H.

Lake Stevens, Washington

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 4+
Speaks English, French
Teaching since 1988
Bachelors Degree in Communications
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Design websites like a pro with lessons from a teacher with 33 years of experience

Web Design Expert since 1999. I have sites that rank in the top 10 results for keyword searches with more than 40 million results. Right Now. My best day in traffic was over 6000 unique visitors. I also have sold over $1 million dollars of other people's products online as an affiliate marketer on my websites. Let me show you step by step, exactly the way I learned! You Can Write Your Ticket When You Know Web Design. Learn From Someone Who is Great At Web Design & A Awesome Teacher Both! Hurry! Prices For Web Design Experts Are Only Going UP! My highest ranking site in Alexa was 31,000 traffic ranking as a 1 man business. I am an expert in SEO and online marketing and sales in general. Paid, Organic, Or Viral On Social Media. I also have achieved "Super Affiliate" status (Which means I have made $10,000 a month (or more) in commission marketing other peoples products for them) and can prove this as well. I have been working full time from home since 2002. Bottom Line! I can help anyone optimize their business to get more leads, sales and long time repeat customers to their website or phone. Attention TakeLessons Teachers- That Means You. I can help you make more money teaching than you ever have before. I can help you find more TL leads as well as leads on your own. Six Figures Teaching or Coaching is More Achievable Than You Think! Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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Teacher's Studio
Teacher's Studio
Mitchell Dr
Teaches Online
Teaches Online

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About Matthew H.

Master How To Play An Instrument or Sing with Celeb Online or In-Studio Music Lessons & Personal Coaching.. Learn How Associates Of Mine Made it On American Idol 2021 & “NBC TV’s The Voice!" Develop The Sound & Singing Voice You Want & Need For Success! Congrats Ava August 2021 - I'm So Proud Of You Ava! Super Excited For Your 2022 & Beyond Progress. Sincerely Matt. :) Sublime Ear Training Anyone? Learn Easy Achievable "Baby Steps" To Get You Started. 12 Steps Per Level - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced Get My Exclusive Insider Secrets & Techniques! New for Kids- Join one of our real Kid bands and play your favorite songs and artists on your favorite instrument! Or Sing For Our Band Instead! Everyone Welcome! Hi.. My name is Matt. I'm a very energetic, friendly, understanding & passionate music coach who has worked with students & clientele throughout the US. Possessing more than 35 years of music training & music industry experience, I've been able to take people's Playing to amazing levels. I'm Pacific NW Guitarist for Rudy Parris from NBC TV's "The Voice!" - Go Team Blake! Rock Or Country, Rudy also plays with Buck Owens "Buckaroos". Buck had twenty-one #1 Hit Singles! I started guitar & singing at age 15 & was hooked. Straight out of college I started working in Big Seattle Radio, Met and worked with Rockstars & Celebrity Radio DJ's. Crowe & West? Robin & Maynard? Scott VanderPool or ROY OTIS!. HaHa Radio Days are Fun. I also worked at Warner Bros Records in Seattle & started playing with some of the signed Musical Artists who became Rockstars." Once Again I was hooked! More recently, I went on to network and/or play with many Famous NW music legends including: 1.) Roger Fisher- Heart-2013 Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Inductee 2.) Lynn Sorensen- Paul Rogers/Bad Co/KZOK's Spike & Impalers 3.) Donny Evola - Geoff Tate/Former Queensryche/Foghat 4.) Jeff Kathan- Paul Rogers/Bad Company 5.) Doug Mcgrew- Geoff Tate/Former Queensryche Singer/Operation Mindcrime These guys are Pro all the way + great guys as well. I"m honored to have played with them. You Too Can Play An Instrument & Have an Amazing Voice! Set Easy Goals with My Legendary Bite Size Lesson Plans. Pick a teacher that can both perform music and is also a great teacher! Develop your own unique style! Learn some new cool chords, licks, & songs, for yourself, or to impress. Meet new like minded friends.. That's what music is all about. Learning & trading tips and licks from other musicians. All while learning to perform your favorite songs from me! Get Results Faster & Easier Than Ever Before! LEARN THE EXACT SAME SECRET METHODS I LEARNED! *** Lesson Details *** Learn while having FUN! I am a very laid-back teacher who wants to focus on music making you smile. We will choose material and a pace of learning that will keep you excited to rehearse and return the following lesson improved! PERSONALIZE your music lessons by learning techniques used by your favorite artists in "their" songs. FEEL FREE learning in a comfortable atmosphere where you can excel successfully as a musician! CONQUER shyness and insecurities by unleashing the dynamic performer in you! Most All Styles/Genres/Experience Levels Taught - We go over everything systematically. Music Theory, Songwriting, Chords, Scales, Determining Key Of Songs, Performance, etc Start Speaking Better, then.. Speak Like a Pro! Start Playing Better, then .. Play Like a Pro! Start Singing Better, then.. Sing Like A Star! After 3 to 6 months, you should expect to be playing some of your favorite songs and artists accurately I've worked with all ages, styles and skill levels. Families welcome, Singles welcome as well. You've Tried The Rest.,, Now Try What Works! New - Attention Aspiring Teachers Or Coaches or Current TakeLessons Teachers- Learn How To Make Great $ Doing Exactly What U Love! I can help you make more money teaching than you ever have before. I can help you find more TL leads as well as leads on your own. Six Figures Teaching or Coaching is More Achievable Than You Think! Start with Teaching Your Students The Absolute Best Material & Techniques! Then Book A Coaching Lesson With Me. Accelerate Your Progress Like My Music Students Do! Guaranteed! *** Studio Equipment *** Sound Proof Pro Recording Studio, PA System, guitars, basses, amps, drums, recording gear, mics, mic stands, strobe & lights, fog machine, seating for parents. *** Brand New*** Now Offering Music Lessons Online (From My Recording Studio To Your Home via TakeLessons Classroom) I'm really excited to offer lessons online through TakeLessons Classroom.! It's a great thing to get to work with students all over this country and I'm looking forward to help pioneer the future of music lessons! *** Specialties *** *Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students. My Unique Specialty - is teaching students the rudimental basics 1st, & then how to copy your favorite artists off the CD, radio or iPod, almost note for note. Believe me, it can be done. You just have to know what to listen for.. MEASURE your success by recording your music progress along the way. In the studio we can record students progress via audio or video and then post to my You Tube channel.

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