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Matt delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
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Ages 5+ and special needs

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Hello! My name is Matt! I love teaching technology, whether it's setting up a Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi, Cool hacks and shortcuts on mobile devices, or simply, how to be better with securing your information.

I have spent 10 years travelling the United States, teaching people how to understand regulations regarding IT security (HIPAA), as well as how to make their day better! When I have done training presentations, I love to give "real word examples" that keep people interested, such as showing people what an actual computer virus looks like. I strongly believe that training needs to be fun and entertaining, to be successful! I also cannot emphasize the fact that I am fully aware that people may need to ask questions that they may feel is "dumb". No such thing. I have spent years teaching nurses, where a lot of them do not have a lot of technical proficiency, but we have to keep in mind, I can fix a server, they can fix a human! I have taken the task of learning Python on my own, and finding real world examples, have been instrumental in learning, and others I have shared with that has had the same success.

I also believe in transparency. I will only teach what I am confident in. My lifetime has been spent trying to learn everything I can about all the area's of IT, I have become very confident in a lot of areas. If I do not know the answer to something, I find it. I get immense satisfaction in being able to help someone either learn something, they have really been struggling with, or fix something that no-one else has been able to do, and all that, with some laughter and smiles!

In all of my training's, I teach people very good ways to use resources to continue/maintain the area's that you are trained on.

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IT Consultant
Aug 1990 - Present

When I turned 16, and got my drivers license, I started helping friends, and friends of friends, friends relatives etc. with technology. In 1990, IT people were very rare, it was not nearly a resource that is as saturated as now. I had the very fortunate experience of getting involved in many projects! Back then, there was not an internet to get information, nor was anything 'Plug and Play' as it is today, so I learned so many things at the core level! The love I have for what I do, and the ability to really find my niche, was just awesome! As I get older, I want to start training and teaching anyone, everything I know! I don't feel much like crawling around up in ceiling tiles, or behind server racks much anymore. Here are some areas that I have experience in, as well as some skill traits.

Linux Server and Desktop
MySQL Administration
Microsoft Windows Server ™, Microsoft Windows®
Application hosting using Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services.
VWmare – Virtual consolidation and Management
WAN Remote Management using VPN, Terminal Services, PCanywhere and VNC.
Custom computer design and assembly using proven quality products.
Network Analysis (sniffing)
Penetration testing and security auditing
Data Services (password recovery, data preservation/recovery)
Network Administration/troubleshooting
LAN/WAN IT Consulting
HIPAA Knowledgeable can build a compliant environment.
Security, Able to test and build a secure environment.
Nationwide travel experience.
Management experience.
Professional, friendly attitude.
Business ownership
Training Experience

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Director of IT
Nov 1999 - Jun 2009
Melyx Corporation

Melyx Corporation was a company that created Health Care Technology software for Long Term Care facilities (LTC). When I started, there was a need, for a vast majority of our customers, for IT services. I created a department for this, and started to consult LTC facility's around the United States. I personally consulted the entire IT infrastructure for just over 100 different homes. I gained a VAST array of knowledge doing this, as every single one was unique! While doing this, I noticed that a lot of the places just did not have adequate resources to run the software package, so I built one of the first ever cloud based options, for LTC back around 2003. This solution was built on a Microsoft platform, and became very successful! I learned myself, that one great way to learn, was to not be afraid of any challenge in front of me!

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Cyber Crime Unit Case Investigator
Oct 2007 - Jan 2009
Alliance of Guardian Angels

I wanted to volunteer my skills to help people, so I joined the Alliance of Guardian Angels. As a CyberAngel I helped take cases of people who needed help with dealing with Internet Hacking, Internet Stalking, and Cyber Bullying, etc. I would help them deal with the situation to help educate and resolve issues, as well as teach them best practices on the Internet.

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High School Diploma
Sep 1989 - Jun 1992
Osseo Senior High


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Listed below
Aug 1999

Windows 98 Administrator, 8/8/1999, Tekmetrics

Windows 95 Power User, 8/8/1999, Tekmetrics

Windows 95 Administrator, 9/13/1999, Tekmetrics

AOL User, 6/15/2000, Brainbench

Internet Explorer 4 User 6/15/2000, Brainbench

Telephone Etiquette1/11/2001, Brainbench

Spelling (U.S.) 1/12/2001, Brainbench

Master MS Windows 98 Navigation 1/12/2001, Brainbench

Master Computer Fundamentals (Win95/98) 1/13/2001, Brainbench

MS Windows 95 Navigation 1/14/2001, Brainbench

Computer Technical Support 1/19/2001, Brainbench (This test I scored in the 99% percentile of all test takers, at the time)

Disaster Recovery and Planning 6/7/2006, Brainbench

Information Technology Security Fundamentals 5/9/2006, Brainbench

MS Windows Server 2003 Administration 5/8/2006, Brainbench

Spelling (U.S.) 4/9/2006, Brainbench

Telephone Etiquette 4/9/2006, Brainbench

Networking Concepts 4/9/2006, Brainbench

MS Windows XP Desktop Administration 4/6/2006, Brainbench

Computer Technical Support 4/6/2006, Brainbench

all of the above certificates were awarded through ( under public transcript# 93611)

SHARP, SF2020J SF2120J Analog Copier technical proficiency, June 1998,
SHARP, SF8300 SF8400 Analog Copier technical proficiency, June 15 1998
SHARP, SF2116 SF2118 Analog Copier technical proficiency, July 2 1998

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Photos & Videos

Yay!!!! Building a gaming computer for under $350 for my daughter challenge! She has since built her own last year, at age 14!!

Using a Raspberry Pi to create messages on a I2C 16x2 LCD Display!

My former home office “NOC”
(Network Operation Center)

Raspbian - Testing a Raspberry Pi’s capability’s of running an enterprise level digital PBX phone server!

You cannot call yourself a nerd, if you don’t have a Raspberry Pi on your Xbox one!

Raspberry Pi with a 3.5 TFT display.

Iphone surgery.

Who doesn’t run Linux in their car?!

Typical “behind the scene” corporate server.
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