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Book a Company or College workshop with Kat for team building and wellness events.
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I am available to teach workshops on zoom or any other platform of your choice. Please enquire about my group workshop pricing. Typically workshops are an hour long and I will show you and your team step by step how to fold 3-4 different objects. If you have special requests (seasonal or themed) please feel free to ask me through the take lessons messaging platform! If you have felt like youtube videos don't give you enough guidance in folding Origami, I would be delighted to take you step by step taking things at your pace and level as we explore the craft of Origami together. I was born in Japan and origami was something that came naturally to me as a child. The love of Origami was passed down to me from my Japanese Grandmother who decorated her room with all of her paper creations. It's been in my blood and comes as second nature to me however I know how complex some of these folds can be and my goal as a teacher is to help anyone be able to fold anything, while throwing in stories from Japan and Origami trivia!
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Playing Music brings me such joy! I want you share that Joy with you by bringing that to our classes and helping you grow in a fun and encouraging way! I'm a singer songwriter and have worked as a full time musician for the last 16 years. I graduated from Auckland University with Bachelor's of Performing Arts Majoring in jazz vocals, and am currently teaching at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Currently I still primarily work as a full time musician so I may only have a few slots available but please feel free to reach out if you are interested in working with me. I release original music, tour and play shows regularly both in and out of town. I was signed to Sony and Avex in Japan from 2007-2010 and still tour Japan once a year and spend much of my time in the studio writing songs for commercials and other artists. I currently teach online and I work with singers, guitarists, and songwriters in a wide age range, assorted skill levels with a variety of musical goals. I can teach you how to sing with better technique, how to play acoustic guitar and the Ukulele and how to write songs and performance technique in the studio and on stage as a vocalist. I can also teach music theory, rhythm training and basic keyboard to help you become a knowledgable and well rounded musician if you want to work on multiple areas a once. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to become a better musician!

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