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Joy Lindsey

Joy L.

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I have a bachelor’s in English and a master’s in linguistics. I taught English as Second Language in college and university for 30 years and have continued teaching one on one with private students, which is by far my favorite way of teaching!
I have always loved language and, from childhood, have had a fascination with other cultures, so my career in English as Second Language has been a great way to combine those two interests.
I spend a lot of time planning a curriculum and lessons for each student, based on that student’s level and goals and addressing that student’s unique language needs in his/her life.
I never charge for the first meeting because that is a time for me to learn about you, your English, your needs and goals.
Among my passions are growing fruits and vegetables, folk dancing and cooking, but working with my students is one of my greatest joys, and I derive great personal satisfaction from it.

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  • Teaching since 1978
  • Teaches students Male: 18 and up; Female: 14 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Reviews (7)

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Sheyra Hernandez Oct 8, 2019

Joy is an extraordinary English teacher who is seeking excellence through all aspects of the language. The quality of her work is very professional and knowledgeable.
It is a pleasure to work with her!

mira Sep 25, 2019
ESL · In home

Joy is by far the world's greatest ESL teacher.

She was my first ESL teacher when I was in college. She had extensive experience with foreign students and knew how to apply her professional teaching skills to individual students to maximize each students' potential abilities by repeatedly correcting mistakes in detail.
She handed out her own material every week and her material is by far the essence of English for ESL students. Once I went through her materials with her for about a year, my English has improved incredibly.
She is open mind and patient so do not rush students to get anxiety. She is my lifetime companion and the best teacher.
I am confident to recommend her. Do not miss the chance of a lifetime to meet the greatest English teacher.

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Hwang Feb 19, 2019
English · In home

I loved her way of teaching, talking and treating as not only a English teacher but as a friend . When I felt frustration learning English or faced some difficulties of living in the U.S., she always tried to help and assist me heartfully. She even accompanied me to see a doctor when I got medical problem. I was really moved.

she is a intellectual and nice person.
I am so sure anyone reading this review if you are with her learning English, definitely your English will be way better. She is simply a BEST!!!

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Tomomi Feb 15, 2019
ESL · In home

I learned with her several years ago for TOEFL. What I love her is she always tries understanding our culture and listening what and why I cannot understand them.

Naomi Feb 7, 2019
ESL · In home

I've been taking classes with Joy for almost a year now and I highly recommend her.
Her wide experience with ESL students is very helpful not only to understand grammar structure of your mother language and improve your learning experience, but to give pronunciation advice as well.
When we first met, I was interested in becoming more fluent and reduce my accent. I can definitely say that with all of her pronunciation tips and the vocabulary she exposed me to, I feel more confident when speaking.
On top of that, it is worth mentioning that her material is ENTIRELY based on your needs and exposure to the English language. She will evaluate your objectives and assess your proficiency in order to create/develop your class material.
Plus, she is a very kind and sweet person.

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Leticia Jan 29, 2019
ESL · In home

Joy is a wonderful teacher. I was taking regular ESL classes with other students but I wasn’t improving the way that I wanted. When I met her, she asked me what I want to improve and she focused on that. With her I've been able to practice my English skills in a different way. She works with vocabulary list, grammar exercises, pronunciation and writings. I’ve been studying with her for 8 months. I feel that I’ve expanded a lot my vocabulary. She makes a lot of difference in my life. She is very professional and have the ability to identify your needs. She is flexible and also very friendly. She can definitely help you to develop faster your English skills. Now I’m much more confident with my English.

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Marcia Jan 27, 2019
ESL · In home

Joy is an impressive ESL teacher, and her methodology is unique. She develops a personalized material for each student, based on defined points that you want to improve. Using your phrases, she prepares your grammar exercises, vocabulary lists and also chooses the pronunciation or grammar books that will be used. You don’t need to buy any material.
I’ve been studying with her for over a year now. When I started the classes, my writing wasn’t at the same level as the other skills. Now I feel more confident to write, and I’ve improved my vocabulary and fluency. She also helped me with job interviews through training, recording, rewriting and correcting my speech to sound more fluent.
Her experience as an ESL teacher gave her the ability to recognize exactly what it is missing in your learning process.

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Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Students can expect help with the English language skills they most need to strengthen to communicate better with native English speakers. For some it is listening comprehension; for others it may be finding the right words. Many need help with email correspondence for their job. Whatever the level and whatever your goals, we can improve your performance and confidence in using English.


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