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Join me for the creative unleashing of highly effective processes of learning success. Your instruction will include: A. creative problem solving (unleashing the genius within) B. formation; a foundation is planned (architect) C. building; drafts are written (carpenter) D. finishing; the writing is polished (finishing editor/proofreader) I've used these guiding principles countless times in my life. Just as a jeweler would not be able to sell rough stones, Jill would not have been able to make anything in the publishing field without employing these principles. Her college papers would have been fair to dull rocks. She can say this as the daughter of a bricklayer who was the son of a stonemason in a familial line that dates back to middle 1600. So, of course, I did learn about laying bricks and throwing rocks too. Not very many structures stand the test of time when we throw rocks (rough drafts). Only with this brick, mortar, and finish will the building stand. But enough about my lineage. My capstone point is that the finishing point of any building or writing should communicate a great product. In creating this description I had the above principles in mind. My college papers, business papers, copywriting, web designs, resumes, and even informal conversations are inclusive of this process of which proofreading is a vital component. Why? Well, I might want to throw a rock at myself if I assume myself incapable of accomplishing as much. And as the daughter of a bricklayer, I think I know about bricks and buildings, and mortar, and capstones such as proofreading. So now at my concluding paragraph contains the capstone of what is called proofreading. Proofreading, as my gem of a teacher told me, is constructed with similar principles. It contains a precise methodology which assures great communication. I would like to involve you in this structure. Please step in the door so I may explain the steps involved in editing and proofreading as art, the elements and principles of Art and English as your toolkit, and design as your structured building of success!

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  • Teaches students Male: 15 and up; Female: 12 and up
  • Teaches Intermediate, Advanced
  • Visual and Literal Arts from SCSU

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Elementary, Middle School, High School, College

Let me explain how much I love reading. So much that I like writing too. Here's one I wrote:

Red-Hatted Women Spotted at the Local Library

After my recent implosion onto a library book, as mentioned in my article of July 4, 2012, I returned my proofreading book to the library with such shame I felt I could not show any librarian my true identity. I inserted the wet (and now moldy) proofreading book (in a plastic bag) with a profuse apology note to all librarians everywhere, into the book drop box. Have mercy, I did not finish the proofreading book before I wrote this. And I saw a gang of red hatted women congregating around the periphery of the library. I take this as a very good sign that my month will improve now that I fessed up.

Believe it or not, I did not know there really was such a thing as the Red Hat Society until a friend of mine said there truly were clubs like “that” all over the country. Coincidentally, on a really bad day, a week after this conversation with her, it was inspiring to see a troupe of red-hatted women, each hat unique and purposeful tending to the power under their hats, on a mission to inform the public of the presence of higher awareness via education. Oh to have the time to join them!

Even though my friend is not a member, she would be accepted instantly because she’s smart. She owns the rule book: When I am
an old woman, I shall wear purple. Me too. And being a real friend, she, of course, borrowed me the book as I said, "I would perhaps like to join their club". For I too, was born to be a member of the Red Hat Society, almost.

My friend is my informant. I’ll not name her name, because as any red-hatted woman or friend of one would tell you, that’s not nice, and we need to operate with a certain amount of decorum. By the conventions of such a group, we would prefer to keep name-calling to a bare minimum and are expected to adopt a language which allows us to more precisely call it what it is. You know a true red hat woman has the information though. Whether or not the hat is on, that much is always apparent to anybody who is paying attention.

I don’t have a red hat yet. All the really fabulous red hats disappear too quickly from store shelves. I might have to wear my red bandana instead. Out of necessity, I wore red bandanas since I was sixteen so I could ride my bike wherever I wanted. surprise, surprise, the red bandanas are a current fashion statement. I object to the following of fashion though, I’d rather be a forerunner like my Granny and invent biscotti & faux finishing 10 years before it becomes stale with fashion."

I'd be glad to help you read and write better. I offer multitudes of tips and techniques for business-people, students, hobbyists, and the curious.

Now let's begin with your story about a recent experience that had a lasting impact.



May 2003 - Present

Experienced I offer valuable information you would pay other editors tens of thousands of dollars for. As a graduate honored with a kappa delta pi status, I had artistic license to write my own curriculum for the most prestigious private school in town, where I taught art to 7th through 12th grade. I have a love of creative thought and promise to inspire my students as we conquer the artful use of linguistics, the knowledge of root meanings, how to sketch or paint visually or literally, and production of professional outcomes.


Oct 2018 - Dec 2018

Oxford Seminars

Visual and Literal Arts
Sep 1977 - Dec 2018




Fluent / Native Proficiency


CV 37
Aug 2000

Oxford, Johns Hopkins,, others

Since I have more than 30: please refer to


Kappa Delta Pi
May 1992


Apr 1977


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