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I've taught a lot of physics. I've lived a lot of physics. Heck, I love rotary engines for their elegance even if their gas mileage is terrible. The first law of thermodynamics is... you do not talk of thermodynamics... Do you want to be a biologist? Then you need to understand biochemistry. You want to understand biochem? Then you need to understand chemistry. You want to truly understand chemistry? Then you need physics. They're all inter-related. Math and physics comprise the language of science. You want to "speak" bio, you need physics. Really? Yes, really.
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Ages 8+

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August 2003

Stop right there!
You finally found me: your one-stop shop for chemistry, physics, and generally-all-things-physical-science-related help!

Who I am: I am a veteran physics, chemistry, engineering, and tech-ed teacher at the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy. My Pennsylvania teaching certifications are in chemistry, physics, and technology education. I have been at the school since it opened its doors in 2009. Prior to teaching, I worked as a chemical engineer and a stock trader. I've performed on Broadway (yes THAT one in NYC), and I used to play the bassoon. I love to ski and play with my two children.

Why I am here: I mentioned that I was a chemical engineer by education... but now I'm a teacher?!?? Why would I forsake a much more profitable career for one in education? Because I love teaching :) In the years that I didn't teach, I always found some hobby that involved teaching people to do stuff, whether it was being a ski instructor at Seven Springs, teaching tennis lessons, tutoring family friends, or teaching a session on stock markets and trading at CMU. I'm a teacher now, which means that I have most of my summer off. That's where you come in.

Why you should hire me: A book can teach you a lot of stuff, and if you are one of those few individuals who absorbs everything they see or read and become instant masters (think Neo learning Jiu Jitsu in the Matrix), then you don't need me, and really, you don't need anyone here. But if you're like most people, then some of the concepts might be a bit tricky and often a few helpful analogies and rephrasing of material is necessary. That's where I excel. If you struggle with concepts, I work to find ways to get the information into your mind in a way that might be more meaningful to you.

For example, I was teaching students about Newton's Third Law (action and reaction). I asked them if they had ever been driving down a highway and hit a bug. They answered yes, and then I asked them why the bug splattered instead of the windshield. Categorically, they gave me the incorrect answer of "well, the bug hit the windshield with more force, didn't it?" I didn't answer them, but instead I showed them a video clip of a drag race between a Lamborghini Aventador and a Bugatti Veyron. Both cars went 0-60 in under 3 seconds. Pretty impressive. I turned off the video and asked them the question about the bug again, and they seemed confused, so I nudged them a bit more. "How long did it take that Veyron to go from 0-60?" A student shouted out, "about 2.6 seconds!" Then I asked him, "and how long did it take that hovering insect to get from 0 to 60, which is how fast your car was going when you hit him?" Suddenly, light bulbs started to flicker... "that was instant, like milliseconds!" I smiled as others started weighing in. "Yeah, that bug went 0-60 in under a second, so its ACCELERATION was greater!" So I finally answered, "correct, the force of the bug hitting the windshield is EXACTLY the same (but in the other direction) as the force of the windshield hitting the bug. Using Newton's Second Law equation, F=ma, if the forces are equal, but the mass of the car is MUCH MUCH bigger than the mass of the bug, it's easy to see what happens...[huge differences in acceleration]. And that is what ultimately destroys the bug. It's like a phrase I once heard from a skydiver--it's not the fall that hurts. It's the sudden stop at the end that can kill ya."

I hope that example gives you insight into the type of tutor that I am. I hope to hear from you!

PS... you might think that my online rates don't reflect the standard discount that many other tutors here give their students. That is true. While I don't shun technology, I also understand its limitations. Both of my specialties (chemistry and physics) involve a lot of equations and drawings... these are easily conveyed in short time when face to face. But when having to draw on a camera and/or type equations with lots of subscripts and superscripts, a lot of time is wasted. I don't discourage online help outright, but I don't recommend it as an initial session. That is why my prices display only a modest discount.

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Jun 2009 - Present
Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy

Was one of the founding teachers of the school. Has taught chemistry, physics, advanced engineering, advanced research methods, and executive experience.

Coal Preparation Engineer
Jun 2006 - Jun 2009
Taggart Global

Designed and commissioned coal preparation facilities for a world leader in the industry.

Aug 2003 - Jun 2006
Vincentian Academy

Taught honors chemistry, honors physics, and Theory of Knowledge

Professional Stock Trader and Financial Advisor
Mar 2000 - Jun 2003
Heartland Securities, Andover Brokerage, American Express

Chemical Engineer
Jun 1998 - Feb 2000
PPG Industries

I was the materials engineer at the Oak Creek coatings and resins production facility


MS Ed Secondary Education
Jun 2003 - Jun 2006
Duquesne University
BS Chemical Engineering
Aug 1994 - May 1998
Columbia University in the City of New York
Aug 1990 - Jun 1994
Upper St. Clair High School


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Technology Education K-12
Oct 2013
State of Pennsylvania

Physics 7-12
Apr 2009
State of Pennsylvania

Chemistry 7-12
May 2006
State of Pennsylvania

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I first appear in my classroom at 1:07. This is a promotional video from the Pittsburgh Promise
Hank Lancet

This is a rotary engine in a heart. I love rotary engines.
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Sanika T. Mar 11, 2017
Chemistry · Online

Hank has easily been one of the best reasons why I was able to comprehend chemistry throughout the year. In a class where the teacher focuses on the student body rather than individual students. Hank taught me more than probably any of the students have learned throughout the year.

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Amir Megherhi Sep 1, 2016
Physics · In studio

Mr. Lancet is my conceptual and AP Physics C teacher in high school at Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He makes difficult concepts simple and relatable to everyday life so that his students can understand and practice high level concepts with ease. His unique teaching style makes every class fun, happy, and energetic. His positive attitude radiates into his students making the learning environment much better than the average class. Mr. Lancet does more than just get his students to pass a national exam, he manages to show them how to think creatively and analytically to give them skills they can use for the rest of their lives no matter what field they chose to enter. What he teaches does not just stick in his students' minds for the duration of his class but rather stays with them. He posses the rare skill to make his students interested in learning, allowing them to retain more of the information presented to them. Unlike traditional teachers, Mr. Lancet creates unique and fun experiments that test what knowledge his students have gathered in his courses and provide them with first hand accounts of the conceptual and theoretical topics covered in his classes. After I graduate from high school, if I am ever confused about any topic, related to the physical sciences or otherwise, Mr. Hank Lancet would be my first call. In no circumstance would I ever hesitate to hire Mr. Lancet should I require the aid.

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Jacalyn S. Jul 28, 2014
Engineering · In studio

I had Mr. Hank as an engineering teacher at my high school. What you will quickly see is that he has a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be shared with others. He is able to teach nearly every aspect of engineering, whether that be technical instruction or explaining what goes into being a good engineering student.

It seems that his teaching style is leading students to their own conclusions by giving them hints and guidance along the way including physical examples and practice work. Mr. Hank also is an incredibly patient teacher/tutor. He will use as many approaches as necessary to make sure that you will understand a topic.

I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Hank as a tutor. If you need help in science or engineering, I guarantee that you will have a very rewarding experience with Hank.

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