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Indianapolis, IN

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Gayle teaches: Ages 19 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: September 1986
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Although I do have an IT background I am an artist too. I produce high quality wood art for commission and teach others how to make their vision come to life!

Currently my schedule is limited to Monday's and Friday's. Outside of the posted hours currently there are other commitments, in time I will add more hours to accommodate other schedules.

This is a location you must travel to, I only offer the wood classes, local and in these time slots, due to my other needs; the specific nature of this activity is dynamic and you will learn basic to advanced techniques to create anything you desire.

Beginners however should know that I have 30 years of experience in wood crafting and my shop is a culmination of that same period to acquire the tools and space to do my crafting.

Also you will be asked to sign a waver of injury to protect my family home from unwarranted lawsuits. I have homeowners insurance that covers ONLY my family and my home...the student will have to have their own health insurance if they become injured during class. THIS IS MY REQUIREMENT I WILL HAVE THAT SIGNED DOCUMENT BEFORE CLASS CAN BEGIN.

Keep in mind there is dust, wood stacks, and the environment is industrial. Although I have a great shop it is small and the students must follow all safety guideline to participate safely.

When reporting for class please arrive at least 5 minutes before class; if you have to cancel you must follow the guidelines through TakeLessons. If you do not follow those guideline and do not show up you still owe the fee.

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Hello Students! View my website (I teach web design too)!


Informatics-WoodWorking Art-Crochet-Writing Profesionally

Jan 1972 - Present
G. Williams

Decades of self taught Microsoft environments, includes desktop to database creation and instruction, installation of home network and small businesses.

Win10, fourteenth operating system with MS.
Support services over the phone and through a session to correct or teach directly on client or student computers. (phone connection would be necessity for that type of session)

Informatics Degree-Health Information Management, BS Degree 2015.
Computer Information Technology AS Degree 2010.

I create, design, cut, compile and produce all original works for personal requests; cost is based on man hours not products produced. Specialize in plaques, custom art work or a picture produced by the consignment owner.

I began at age seven producing wood art for family members and graduated to larger items as I got older and had more resources. I have seven to ten different woods I use to create heirlooms and custom projects.

I use a scroll saw, hand saw, jig saw, sander, soldering iron, sanding wheel, hand held shaping tools.

Pattern making with use of computer-printer and software to design item consigned. Transfer paper, and right software tools to get images right size to make quality Wood Art. Some work is free hand most work is projected by the person that wants the work done.
Crocheting is a past time handed down for 4 generations of women in my family. Mother started me on small works and chains, single crocheting many projects early on then making my own patterns after my children were born.
Writing professionally spans all my adult years as writing was a way of professional expression. It shifts the soul to read something enlightening! I am a contributor on for over a decade, also published in the Bereavement Magazine in the 1980's.

Copyrighted a Self Help Seminar in early 1990's. In the mid 1990's copyrighted written projects of self help nature, published on Kindle, where I will continue to be an advocate for rights for children to be safe from all potential harm from with in a family core or from strangers. You can support my cause by going to this link:

Personal passion for writing includes several book outlines and currently have solid projects that are intended for entertainment industry and Copyrights on three other texts that are intended for a self-help audience.

The skills I bring to you as a tutor/mentor and facilitator will enhance the learning experience if you have that passion to make whatever you create an experience for you personally. I will make it hard enough for you to learn something and easy to apply what you learn in more than one place!


Health Informatics

Dec 2010 - Feb 2015
Western Governors University

Computer Information Technology

Jan 2008 - Jun 2010
Indiana Wesleyan University

Music and Wood Working

Sep 1973 - Jun 1977
Omaha South High

Languages Spoken

Database SQL

Professional Proficiency

Sign language

Professional Proficiency


CIW Database Certification

Jul 2013

Database certification for manipulating data into information for retrieval and storage. Query language MySQL or SQL is used to perform searches, delete, edit or add data to an existing database table.


Champion Award

Dec 2008
AIT Laboratories
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3 Reviews on Gayle W.

Alison S. Aug 27, 2015
Microsoft Excel · Online
Verified Student
Gayle was very patient with me. That is saying a lot. I have a problem with computers not doing things for me. We did run into that problem, so she sent me a step by step instruction sheet with pictures on it. That helped.
Javier C. Aug 13, 2015
Web Design · Online
She was extremely informative and knowledgeable in everything from the aesthetic aspects of web design to the coding required. I would highly recommend her for lessons!
Ron W. Jun 15, 2015
Microsoft Windows · In studio
I am pretty new at computers so Gayle has given me hope there is a place for an older person being able to navigate the Windows operating systems. and these smart phones.

I think her style of teaching or tutoring, is impeccable-never once did she let on I didn't know what I was doing. She made me feel comfortable and was up-front what I needed to do and allowed me to do it myself. I learn best if I do things myself.

She has given me a way to do basic Windows actions, email, internet and most important of all access Netflix!

I highly recommend Gayle for any of the classes she teaches. Computers are not my strong area- but with Gayle's help now I can help my veteran buddies get on the VA sites and conduct business. I can help other apply for jobs and navigate a resume and basic things we all should know now no matter how old we get.

Good going Gayle!
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