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Billiards with David B.

Houston, Texas

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Teaches online
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Age: 5+
Speaks English
Teaching since 1999
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    I GUARANTEE 100% that I can improve your pool game! (Houston,TX)

    If you are in the Houston, Texas area and want to improve your game, I am available for lessons. For anything outside of Houston, I would highly recommend online lessons. I can show you the basics, all the way to advanced techniques! Everyone can benefit from my instruction! Try a lesson now, and you will certainly be amazed at how much better you will get from just the first lesson! *(I also believe that some instructors can actually ruin your game!) If you have been struggling with your pool game, or have gotten frustrated at times, and just thought of giving up, I can help you solve all those problems! I have been teaching billiards/pool for 25+ years, and can make it very easy and fun to learn! It makes no difference how old you are, or what past experience you have. Also, some people think that because they are too tall or short, that this will prevent them from playing well. That is just not true - I have worked with several students of all sizes and ages, and have been successful with all of them. I can teach you professional techniques that will skyrocket your game to levels you have only dreamed of! If you truly want to get better at this game, or just want to learn more information, please feel free to contact me.

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    Teacher's Studio
    Teacher's Studio
    Westheimer Rd.
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    Student's Home
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    Teaches Online

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    9 AM-4 PM
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