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Anthony S.

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Anthony S.

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Full Stack Web Development Specialist/Tutor - JavaScript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, PHP

Hi! my name is Anthony and I am a Lead Full Stack Web Developer with tons of experience in the software industry. I've worked with many large and small clients scoping, planning, strategizing and building beautiful websites and functional web applications as a contractor and freelancer. I've also been hired full time by some of the biggest corporations in the world as a mentor and developer with the most recent being Ford Motor Company and The U.S. Department of Defense. I have a multitude of knowledge and a deep passion to teach others the skills that I know so that I can contribute to the development community in a positive way. I have helped over 31,000 students and developers succeed in this industry and I'm confident that I can help you too! We may be a good fit if you're a bootcamp, college, or self-taught student looking for help with algorithmic problem solving, technical interview prep, or learning web development with the following technologies: - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - React - Node.js/Express - PHP Please send me a message, and we can evaluate your current goals to see how I can best help you along your journey—looking forward to hearing from you!
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Hello! Do you have a web development or computer programming project, and you don't know how to start? Or maybe you're struggling to understand why your code is not working? I would love to help you! My name is Anthony, and I'm a senior full-stack web developer with seven years of professional experience specializing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and other web technologies. I also have five years of educational experience in computer science and web development. I graduated from Baker College University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. I have four years of tutoring experience helping college students debug their programming projects and explain programming concepts. In addition, I have worked at some of the biggest companies in the world as a Full Stack Tech Lead, with the most recent being Ford Motor Company and the U.S. Department of Defense, building top-secret software applications that are being used by governments and countries all over the world. If you are interested in my services, I'll teach you everything from Front End Web Development to Back End, so you are learning everything you need to be successful and in demand in this industry. As a former student, I know how stressful it is to learn programming. But the good news is that you don't have to do it alone and I'm here to help you! If you're struggling with learning how to code or even how to find a job and break into the tech industry and would like a step by step process and proven technique that has worked for thousands of my students, send me a message today with your availability and your project details, and we can get started!

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Computer Information Systems

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Teaches Online

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Tech Lead & Senior Full Stack Developer
Nov 2021 - Present
Intelligent Waves LLC (U.S. Department of Defense)
• Develop innovative web interface in direct support of an unconventional warfare client using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and the Linux Terminal to effectively connect the front and back end of the web app to various API's and integrations. • Leverage a complete DevOps pipeline to drive rapid delivery of functionality to the client at hyper speed. • Engage with multiple functional groups to comprehend client challenges, prototype new ideas and new technologies, and help to create solutions to drive the next wave of innovation. • Design, implement, schedule, test, and deploy full features and components of solutions. • Ensure quality delivery of software through thorough testing and reviews. Work with the Product Owner and customer to ensure timely and successful completion of projects.
Tech Lead & Senior JavaScript Developer
May 2021 - Nov 2021
VMLYR (Ford Motor Company)
• Lead Senior Developer and Associate Director of Technology assigned to the Global Owner Project and Website. • Create and implement various personalized activities on pages which includes writing custom JavaScript, HTML and CSS code which is also performance tested utilizing Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Analytics, AEM and other adobe products and programs. • Collaborate weekly with the Ford and team members on best practices on implementing and optimizing performance and optimization based techniques on various web pages and applications. • Currently leading the successful completion of major projects by investigating, analyzing and resolving complex application problems. • Design, Develop, code, compile and test complex web pages and applications on multiple properties. • Employ standards, security methods and tools related to building enterprise web applications. • Provide programming and project leadership and training to subordinate personnel. • Work with project management and leadership to provide time estimates and schedules for projects.
Lead Full Stack Software Developer
Aug 2020 - May 2021
Skymint Brands
• Lead Software Developer responsible for the development, maintenance and training of procedures of new Developers that are hired into the company. • Worked closely with Marketing to Plan, Design and Develop new Web components and applications to help drive to business to our 15 store locations. • Write clean, industry standard code, maintain new software programs and applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, PHP and jQuery. • Demonstrate creative ability by creating and maintaining new and existing WordPress plugins, web pages and Responsive applications. • Develop and implement SEO and PPC strategies • Create and manage link building strategies, content marketing strategies, and social media presences. Innovate and present new marketing platforms and strategies. • Develop engaging online content including clickbait, forums, videos, graphics, and blogs; monitor and analyze content success. Forecast marketing campaign growth and ROI for marketing campaigns. • Manage email and social media marketing campaigns. • Use Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other relevant sites to drive traffic to company pages.
Javascript Developer
Dec 2019 - Jan 2020
• Grepper is a community of over 200k developers, working together to answer every problem any Coder, Data Scientist, System Admin or technical professional will run into. The Grepper community currently answers more technical problems, every day, than any other community or website in the world. • Ranked in the top 100 percentile in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in over 200,000 developers who use the Grepper platform. • Helped over 38,000 Developers find answers to over 48,000 programming problems around the world. • Top Daily Open Source contributor focused on searching, writing and brainstorming the best answers to code problems Developers face all over the world. • Set up 1 on 1 online Teaching zoom calls with developers wanting to sharpen their coding skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and React. • Provided Code reviews and feedback on industry best practices and standards. • Write clean semantic Javascript, HTML and CSS code that other developers can use and learn from on a daily basis • Write various blog posts on industry best practices and methods • Set up Github Repositories for developers to push code into for analyzing and review.
Code Mentor
Oct 2019 - Jan 2020
• Codementor is an online platform providing instant one-on-one help for software developers by utilizing screen sharing, video and text chat, in order to replicate for users the experience of having a mentor for code reviewing, debugging, and online programming.. • Teach new developers and beginners from around the world the basics on how to code in various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, React, PHP, C# and JavaScript. • Offer 1 on 1 live video training sessions catered to help new and old developers learn how to build various web applications, find and fix bugs, refactor code bases, and offer guidance on how to construct a better architectural foundation. • Teach students industry standard programming foundations and principals to ensure clean and compliant code. • Continually show techniques on how to learn, form good habits, write clean code and how to solve any programming problem when they get stuck by using proven successful techniques.
Computer Information Systems
Sep 2006 - Jun 2010
Baker College
Native Proficiency

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