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Mary S.

Mary S.

About Me I started taking piano lessons in 8th grade, because my little sister started taking lessons and I didn’t want her to be able to do something I could not! My motivation quickly changed as I began to love the piano and the music I found I could make come from it. Not only did I enjoy the challenges and rewards that came from learning the piano, but the habits of hard work and persistence that I formed along the way have paid off in every part of my life. I graduated with a BA in Music Performance in 2010 from North Central University. I believe music has incredible educational value, but I also believe that it should be enjoyable. Every student is different and has a different purpose for wanting to learn music. Developing a love for the instrument you play is just as important as developing the technical skills to play it. I do my best as a teacher to learn what it is that students enjoy most about playing and incorporate those aspects into lessons. Methodology Method books are used as a basic foundation for lessons. I’ve found these books to be good indicators of progress, and they fill in theory, technique, and ear training gaps that might otherwise be passed over in the course of just “learning songs.” They also do a good job introducing all types of musical genres, while keeping the difficulty level appropriate. The two series I use most commonly are Alfred’s Basic Piano Library, and Faber and Faber’s Piano Adventures. I do treat the method books with a lot of flexibility, especially when dealing with younger students (5-6 years old), or students who process differently from traditional learners. The biggest advantage of private lessons is that learning and pace can be tailored to individual students. I typically teach 2-3 introductory lessons before recommending a starting book. Practice Expectations All students 2nd grade and up are expected to practice 5-6 days a week, 20-30 minutes a day. Playing piano is both a physical and mental task, and requires repetition and drilling in order to master basic technique and theory. As each student progresses, he or she may need to practice more often, for longer periods, in order to master more difficult pieces. For students younger than 2nd grade, practice times can be tailored to the student’s ability and attention span.
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Schroeder S.

Schroeder S.

Wanna know the secrets of how music actually works? It's actually pretty easy as long as you have someone to show you how :)
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Amy W.