Where Can You Find Violin News - Top 3 Online Resources for Violinists

Where Can You Find Violin News? Top 4 Online Resources for Violinists

Where Can You Find Violin News - Top 4 Online Resources for Violinists

Are you new to the violin world? There are dozens of online resources that you can read to stay up on the latest news, learn expert tips and tricks, and connect with other violinists. Immersing yourself in the violin culture will not only help improve your skills, but it will also make your learning experience much more enjoyable. Below, we’ve rounded up the top three online resources for violinists.

The Strad

You might have seen a copy of The Strad lying on your violin teacher’s coffee table, but did you know that the magazine also has an equally-impressive website? The Strad is a great resource for violinists of all ages and skill levels. The website offers up everything from exclusive interviews with renowned musicians to tips on how to improve your violin techniques. The website even has a section that covers topics about the health and psychological issues facing string players. Here’s a post we thought was pretty cool (and cute): “Study Finds Classical Music Has a Calming Effect on Cats.”

The Violin Channel

Since 2009, The Violin Channel has been providing violin enthusiasts with top-notch content and news. In addition to their news section, the website has a remarkable collection of interviews with well-established and up-and-coming musicians. Looking for open auditions? The website also has an audition section, which frequently posts details about open auditions all across the world. If that wasn’t enough, The Violin Channel also boasts an archive of buzz-worthy videos. We’re especially fond of the “Throwback Thursday” and “Flashback Friday” videos. Check out this Throwback Thursday video of Daniel Lozakovitj performing at Sweden’s Got Talent.


With more than 25,000 members, Violinist.com is the destination for all things violin. Whether you’re a teacher, student or simply a fan, the website has something for everyone. The teacher tab features useful tips, such as how to encourage students and helpful teaching techniques, from actual teachers. What’s most unique about the website is its discussion board, where people can post questions about all sorts of things related to violin techniques and receive expert advice from the website’s members. Check this discussion about left hand positioning and technique.


CMUSE proves that classical music doesn’t have to be stuffy. The music news and entertainment website is filled with crave-worthy content including interviews, videos, quizzes, and a lot more fun. While the website covers a wide range of musical genres, it does have quite a bit of violin-specific posts. The website’s laid back vibe and sense of humor brings a new life into classical music. Check out this fun video of the world’s first flying violin!

These are just a few of the resources you can use to stay up to date on the happenings of the violin world. In addition to taking violin lessons, frequently visiting these websites is a good way to improve your skills and stay motivated. Do you have a favorite online violin resource?


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