4 thoughts on “15 Popular Violin Solo Pieces for Beginners

  1. I think it’s a big step to play the Frozen – let it go, after the minuet from Bach. Frozen’s Let it go requires the ability to play with different hand positions, that’s not something you’ll learn in your first year and definetly not directly after playing a piece like Minuet in G.

    But thanks for posting these violin pieces, I can use them for a friend who’s a beginning player!

  2. The Minuet in G video you posted is not composed by Bach. It is Minuet in G, Wo0 10, No. 2 composed by Beethoven. You must be referring to the Minuet in G on Suzuki Book vol 1 by J. Bach. Please upload the correct video on this article. Thank you.

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