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25+ Violin Practice Tips to Help You Improve Fast

November 4, 2021

25+ Violin Practice Tips to Help You Improve Fast

violin practice tips to help you improve

If you’re learning to play the violin, you already know that it can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, you’ve also likely discovered that it can be a challenging one, too. 

Mastering the violin involves a lot of patience. To improve your violin skills, you must dedicate plenty of time to practicing. Sometimes this might mean working on your scales and other times it might involve doing violin practice exercises or playing music games. Looking for some inspiration to make your daily practice sessions more fun? Check out our list of 25 violin practice tips to help you bring your music skills to the next level.

Violin Practice Tipsviolin practice

  1. Want to learn to play violin fast? Start by creating a violin daily practice routine. Determine a specific time every day to pick up your violin and stick to that schedule. When you have an established violin practice time, you are less likely to skip it. For more tips, check out our guide: How Often Should You Practice Violin to Really Improve? 
  2. Use a violin app to track your practice. Try out Music Journal or Practice Center. Can you challenge yourself to practice more this week than you did last week? Make goals for yourself to keep you on your toes. 
  3. Tune your violin at the beginning of every practice session. There are lots of violin tuner apps, but Cleartune</