You Know You’re a Violin Player When…

You Know You're a Violin Player When...

Let’s face it; not everyone can be a violin player. It takes a certain individual to master such a complex instrument that requires immense dedication and concentration.

From rough finger tips to grueling practice sessions, violin players are challenged both physically and mentally whenever they step onto the stage.

Whether you’ve just started taking violin lessons or you’re a seasoned violin player, chances are you can relate to more than one of the following things…

1. Every piece of clothing you own is black.

You capitalize on every opportunity to wear bright colors because you’re sick of wearing all black ensembles. And don’t even get us started on those bulky blazers and billowy dresses.

2. You have impeccable posture.

Your posture is so good you could run a marathon while balancing books on your head.

3. You’ve lost all sensation in your fingertips.

People think you’re a construction worker judging by your callused fingertips.

4. You did yoga before it was cool.

Before Lululemon came along, you were doing yoga in your living room to relieve tension after a long performance.

5. You wear turtlenecks in the summer to hide your violin hickeys.

People can’t help but glare and giggle at the violin hickeys on your neck. You’re embarrassed by them, but they secretly give you a sense of pride.

6. Violin stock photos.

Enough said.

7. You have a recital face.

You try your hardest to smile during a violin performance, but you can’t help but put on your stern recital face.

8. Somehow everything you own has rosin on it.

No matter how hard you try, you seem to get that sticky gross stuff–better known as rosin–all over everything.

9. One hand is significantly more dexterous than the other.

You might be right handed, but your left hand is much more dexterous.

10. You can’t help but want to scream when someone mistakes your violin for a viola.

For the last time people, a violin and a viola are NOT the same thing.

Beginner and advanced violin players will all agree that playing the violin is a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, there are bumps along the way to becoming a master of this unique instrument.

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