Spring Cleaning Lifestyle for Learning

How to Spring Clean Your Lifestyle for Learning

Spring Cleaning Lifestyle for Learning

As the days get longer and blossoms begin opening, it’s not unusual to be overcome with a strong urge to tidy up. Spring cleaning season is here.

It feels great to scrub counters, scour the tub, and organize cupboards in honor of a new, brighter season. The great news is, spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying your house. You can spring clean your lifestyle, too. Sweep away old and outdated activities and habits, and make room for learning, meeting your goals, and living the life you love.

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

When you tidy your lifestyle, you create space for activities that bring you joy.

Marie Kondo, author of The Secret to Tidying Up says, “the space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” 

Spring clean your lifestyle so your days are shaped for the person you are becoming.

7 Tips to Spring Clean Your Lifestyle

& Create Space for Learning


1. Visualize 

We clean because we can imagine our homes being better. The same is true for our lifestyles. Take a moment to visualize yourself in the future. See yourself a year from now. What do you want to learn? What do you want to achieve? What does it look like to achieve your goals? Visualizing yourself in the future helps you make a path to get there.

2. Prioritize

While it’s tempting to try and do everything all at once, the truth is that we only have limited time and energy. Make a list of your top goals, and choose what you want to put first in the spring season. Will you learn to play guitar? Will you learn a foreign language? Be clear about your priorities so that you can work them into your schedule.

Spring Clean Lifestyle3. Create Space

What is the physical space where you will achieve your goals? Is it a piano or an easel? A desk or workbench? To meet your goals, the workspace should support your pursuit. Take a few minutes to spring clean your physical workspace so it can best serve you.

4. Schedule it In

Fill your schedule with the things that will actively help you achieve your goals. As you add commitments to your schedule, ask yourself: “Is this helping me meet my goals?” And ask yourself the bigger question: “Will this bring me closer to the life I want to lead?” If the answer is yes, then those commitments deserve actual squares on your calendar.

5. Cross it Out

Tidying up expert Marie Kondo recommends holding each item you own and asking: “Does this spark joy?” You can use the strategy for commitments on your schedule, too – whether they are people, places, or activities. If something is taking up your time, consider if it truly sparks joy in your life. If the answer is no, it’s time to cross it out.

6. Simplify

Life is messy. From family to friendships and careers, it’s not designed to be neat and tidy. So if your day-to-day existence doesn’t feel streamlined, you’re not alone. Even though life is messy, the path to your goals doesn’t have to be. Make it easy to get to your lesson and learn. This is the area of your life over which you have power. If there are physical limitations, consider opting for live group lessons online, with no travel requirements.

“If there are physical limitations, consider opting for live group lessons online, with no travel requirements.”

7. Take Action

Making plans is great, but in order to actually spring clean your lifestyle, you have to take action. That means today. Visualize, prioritize, schedule, and simplify. You deserve the best learning experience, and you deserve to meet your goals.

Spring Cleaning Results Will Wow You

“The process of creating outer order makes us more engaged with the things we keep, and so our lives feel more abundant, even though we’ve removed a layer of stuff,” says bestselling author, Gretchen Rubin. 

When we clear our lifestyle of the things that are not serving us, we end up with more. More energy, more passion, and more resources to achieve the goals we care about.

Does your lifestyle support the person you want to be? Is it helping you meet your goals? 

Take these spring cleaning steps to transform what, where, and how you learn.


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