Creative Activities

Why Everyone Needs a Creative Outlet (& 5 Activities to Try)

Creative Activities

In a world where everyone is overscheduled and chronically busy, it can seem hard to find time for creativity. However, creative activities can actually improve quality of life.

As Kurt Vonnegut once said, “Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.”

Research has established that creativity is good for you. The creative process is said to heighten mental health, assist with trauma relief, boost brain function, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and increase physical wellbeing. Creative outlets such as writing, painting, or playing music can impact a person’s life on many levels.

The concept of being creative isn’t new. Humans have been creating since prehistoric times. More than 39,900 years ago, our ancestors left their first drawings on cave walls. This early art form and communication style is still admired today. It’s a sign that creativity is essential to who we are as human beings, regardless of time or place.

In the modern world, we have endless opportunities for creativity. Our advanced creative outlets span visual and performing arts, culinary arts, language arts, musical arts, and more. Though timeless, creativity is also very personal, and the individual must experiment to discover his or her match. If finding a new creative outlet is your goal, you’re in the right place. We have five fun creative activities that will bring joy to your life.

Find Your Outlet: 5 Creative Activities to Try

When choosing a new creative outlet, take your personal lifestyle and hobbies into account. Some people are happiest when at home with paints and an easel. Others are in their element in a crowded swing dance club. Some of us would love to sing onstage, and for others, it doesn’t get better than escaping on a hike to write poetry. The new creative activities you choose should inspire and excite you, and make you smile. 

Here are five creative activities you can start today.

1. Theater

From improv comedy to Shakespeare interpretations, stage theater is a creative outlet with unlimited benefits. This creative activity will improve your public speaking, strengthen your interpersonal skills, heighten your physical awareness, and help increase mindfulness so you can be present in the moment – both on and off the stage.

Who will enjoy theater?

Do you love being around other people? Are you fascinated by storytelling? Theater is often pursued by extroverts, but you don’t have to be outgoing to enjoy the thespian tradition. Delve into the world of drama and let your true creativity shine through.

Creative Activities2. Visual Arts

One of the most popular creative activities, visual arts offer something for everyone. Immerse yourself in color during a painting class, take a photography course, create a mural, or learn how to make your own jewelry. Visual arts have been found to help with everything from reducing stress hormones to helping with trauma relief.

Who will enjoy visual arts?

Are you inspired by the colors, textures, and shapes in the world around you? Lean into that passion through the arts.

3. Movement

From swing dancing to ballet and martial arts, the creative act of movement reconnects you with your physical self. It’s a great way to ground yourself and gain perspective. Moving your body increases emotional wellbeing and improves heart health. Social dancing in particular has also been found to lengthen lifespan.

Who will enjoy movement? 

Do you get antsy when sitting for too long? Love to be physical? Movement is ideal for kinesthetic learners, but it’s not only the physically-inclined who benefit. If you’ve never felt at home on the dance floor, a dance class may be the perfect confidence-boost.

4. Music

It’s hard to find a creative activity more universally appealing than music. From singing opera to playing in a brass band, music allows you to express yourself and connect with others. Even better, playing music has been found to boost brain function, and the social connections from playing in a group increase both your emotional and physical health.

Who will enjoy music?

Does music help you unwind after a long day? If music brings you joy, learning to play a musical instrument may light up your life in new ways.

5. Creative Writing

Take a Haiku class, study the world of sonnets, create your own piece of fiction, or simply keep a personal journal. Creative activities like writing give you the power to reflect on your own life and gain a better understanding of the shared human experience. Creative writing has also been found to boost your long-term emotional wellbeing.

Who will enjoy writing?

Do you get excited about word play? Love language and storytelling? Writing is a gateway for personal expression, whether you’re an extrovert, introvert, or in between.


Try these creative activities and discover the creative outlet that works best for you.

If you don’t know where to start your creative journey, consider booking lessons with a professional in the creative field of your choice. From music teachers to performing arts teachers, there are in-person and online lesson options to meet your needs. Find your art form today, and begin experiencing the true benefits of creativity.

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