15 Japanese Vocabulary Words for Travelers

15 Japanese Vocabulary Words for Travelers

Japanese vocabulary

You don’t have to master the entire Japanese language to be able to communicate on a basic level with native Japanese speakers. When it comes to basic communication, a few essential words and phrases can help you get by on your trip to Japan. Whether you’re taking Japanese lessons or planning a trip to Japan, here are the Japanese vocabulary words you should know.

Traveling to Japan

Whenever you travel to a new country, you need your passport. The Japanese word for passport is pasupoto (pah-soo-pohh-toh).  You will take a hikoki (airplane) to travel to Japan, and you will fly into the kuko (airport). When you arrive, grab your sutsukesu (suitcase) from the baggage claim.

Getting Around Town

Once you leave the kuko (airport), you can find a takushi (taxi), ride the basu (bus), take the densha (train), or ride the chikatetsu (subway). If you’re taking the bus, train, or subway, you will need to purchase a kippu (ticket). You can pay for your taxi, bus, or train with okane (money).

Make sure you count your money before you leave! Learn to count in Japanese with this infographic: Japanese numbers 1 – 10.

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At the Hotel

Once you figure out which type of transportation to take, you will want to go to your hoteru (hotel). The concierge can help you check in to your rumu (room), and make sure you get your  (key) to open the door. When you get to your room, make sure the beddu is comfortable, so you can get some rest after your long day of traveling!

These 15 words will help you get around during your trip to Japan. While you’re exploring, you will run into lots of native Japanese speakers; make sure you’re prepared with these essential Japanese phrases.

Japanese vocabulary for travelers

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  1. Blog o Japonii
    Blog o Japonii says:

    Great graphic. What is the difference between Ressha and Densha? Both of the words are for “train”? On the train stations I can usually hear “kono densha wa”. Thank you.

    • Rosita
      Rosita says:

      Hello! Densha in Japanese means “Electric Train” Ressha are small train cars that are linked together. Like ones that you see delivering cargo and such. I hope this helps!


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