Japanese Vocabulary: Words, Phrases, Expressions, and Greetings!

When you’re studying Japanese, you will learn several new words, phrases, and expressions. To make things easier, we’ve categorized various Japanese vocabulary words into categories, so you will always be able to find the word or phrase you need!

From essential greetings to family and meal time words, use these Japanese vocabulary guides from our experienced Japanese tutors to improve your Japanese-language skills.

Japanese Vocabulary and Greetings

Whether you’re taking Japanese lessons or planning a trip to Japan, learn these greetings so you can communicate with Japanese speakers.

» 8 Essential Japanese Greetings

Japanese Vocabulary for Travelers

Planning a trip to Japan? This infographic will teach you some key phrases to help you find your way around.

» 13 Must-Know Japanese Expressions for Travelers

Essential Japanese Vocabulary

From saying hello to asking for help, these common Japanese phrases will come in handy!

» 5 Common Japanese Phrases You Should Know

Japanese Vocabulary to Describe Your Family

Family is an important part of any language. Learn how to talk about your family members in Japanese.

» Japanese Vocabulary: 18 Words to Describe Your Family

Learn to Count in Japanese

Learning Japanese numbers is important to be able to read and write. Learn to count in Japanese with this infographic.

» Learn to Count: Japanese Numbers 1 – 10

Japanese Vocabulary for Meal Time

Whether you’re eating Japanese food or sitting down to a meal with Japanese friends, make sure you know these words and phrases!

» Japanese Vocabulary: 11 Mealtime Words and Expressions

Japanese Vocabulary for Travelers

Planning a trip to Japan? This helpful infographic will teach you essential vocabulary words so you can travel with confidence.

» 15 Japanese Vocabulary Words for Travelers

Express Yourself: How to Describe Your Feelings in Japanese

Japanese vocabulary

Boost your ability to communicate in Japanese with these 10 words to describe your feelings.

» Japanese Vocabulary: 10 Ways to Express Yourself

Back-to-School Japanese Vocabulary

Japanese vocabulary

Get ready for the upcoming school year with these Japanese vocabulary words for the classroom.

» Back-to-School Vocabulary: 10 School Supplies in Japanese

Japanese Vocabulary: 10 Animals in Japanese

animals in Japanese

Learn how to write and talk about your favorite animals in Japanese!

» 10 Animals in Japanese