How to Find the Best Local Violin Teachers

How To Find Great Local Violin TeachersHave you always been envious of people who know how to play the violin and wished you were one of them? Are you looking to start learning and wonder where you could find great local violin teachers to guide you through this musical journey? Each violin teacher is different, and some teacher-student relationships work well, while others may not. The ideal teacher should have the right credentials, experience, and teaching techniques to be able to inspire you, encourage you, and make you love playing the violin as much as they do! Here’s what to focus on when you’re trying to find the best local violin teachers:

1. Reputation

To find the best teachers in your area, reputation is everything! Ideally, you should read feedback or reviews from current or previous students, to help you narrow down your selection. Were past students happy with their lessons? How long have current students been taking lessons with this particular teacher? The more information you have, the better. is a great resource for this, as students and colleagues are encouraged to leave a star rating and specific feedback, which is then easily accessible on the teacher’s profile.

2. Knowledge and Experience

You’ll also want to take a look at each teacher’s specific knowledge and experience. If you’re a total beginner, you may not need anything particularly special – just someone who can teach you the basics of violin, such as how to hold your bow, proper posture, and so on. If you’ve taken lessons in the past and are interested in a particular technique or genre, however, you’ll want to make sure your teacher is equipped to teach it. Review the information and specialties listed on their profile, and watch any videos or audio clips they’ve uploaded to get a feel for their performance or teaching style.

3. Enthusiasm and Encouragement

The best teachers know how to inspire! Music is all about enjoyment and the learning process greatly depends on having a good time. Look for someone who is enthusiastic about music, the violin, and teaching in general. Find the one person who is eager to show you what he or she loves so much about this instrument, but who is also patient and encouraging enough as to allow you your time while learning. This is particularly important for young children and complete beginners, since getting your footing can sometimes take a while!

4. Attention to Detail

The best violin teachers should also strive to teach you good technique from the start. This is especially important for violinists, since bad habits like poor posture can be hard to break later on. Look for a professional who pays attention to detail and wants you to start your musical journey by establishing a solid relationship with the instrument. A great teacher will not only correct you until you get it perfectly, but he or she will also teach you how to practice in between the lessons, and provide helpful feedback along the way.

Ultimately, finding the best violin teacher for you often comes down to personal preferences. From the moment you start learning, consider each class to be a follow-up to your initial screening, so to speak. After a few lessons, you should have a good idea if it’s a good teacher match. Not really feeling it? As a TakeLessons student, you’re welcome to switch teachers at any point. Your experience should be a positive and fun one – and your teacher plays a large role in that!


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  1. Baxter Abel
    Baxter Abel says:

    I really appreciate what you said about good violin teachers knowing how to inspire their students. My wife took violin lessons from multiple teachers throughout the years and her favorite one always knew how to uplift her rather than discourage her. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure and pass them along to the next person I meet looking for violin lessons and teachers.


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