how to be a more interesting person

The Secret to Becoming a More Interesting Person

how to be an interesting person

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of learning a new language. It can slow your brain’s aging and even improve your memory… heck, you might even make more money if you’re bilingual!

But what if your motivation to pick up Spanish, Japanese, or another language isn’t based on the brain boost? What if you just want to understand the sushi terms on your menu, order a round of German beer, or rattle off all the different kinds of French cheese? That’s totally fine to admit. Sounds pretty cool to us, too!

We recently came across this colorful take on reasons to learn a language from our friends at City Speakeasy, and it’s a great look at a few of the more unconventional considerations.

For example, here’s how learning a language can help you be a more interesting person:

Become More Interesting
It’s sad to say, but those who speak English as their first language are considered to be far less motivated to learn another language. Become more approachable, live with vibrancy; you only live once for crying out loud! Bask in the glory of an engaging conversation about French cheese, Italian agriculture, Spanish art. When would you have ever had it otherwise?

Next time you’re out and about, prime yourself for your bilingual future. It gets easier every moment you practice; your words flowing more fluidly with each [mistake]. Order in Spanish during your next taco binge, or snag a ticket for the flick with subtitles you keep talking yourself out of. Finally understand what in God’s name they’re singing about at the opera!

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Readers, why are YOU learning a language? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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