4 thoughts on “How to Play 10 Songs Using Just 4 Basic Ukulele Chords

  1. I am an older adult and I want to learn this instrument, but I am scared, because I do not know how to read music. I love the Ukulele ever since I heard someone play a Beatle song called ” I will”

    1. Hi Sally! It’s never too late to start learning. Also, you don’t necessarily need to start by learning how to read music right off the bat. There are plenty of easy chords beginners can learn to play dozens of songs right away. You can take some of our online ukulele classes for free to get started! Hope that helps. 🙂 -Jess from TakeLessons

    2. Playing ukelele isnt based on age so i think it would be great if you’d play the ukelele too

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