13 thoughts on “Top 80 Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

  1. It’s a nice list, but about half of these are certainly not for beginners. The finger stretching for some of these chords is definitely beyond the scope of a person who is brand new to a string instrument.

    1. I first picked up my ukulele a month ago (plus you seem to know what your talking about..) What song do you suggest that I begin with

      1. I go to You Tube and search for songs that only use 3 or 4 chords. I’m just starting out too and this helps me. I’ve found hundreds to learn. Good luck Norah.

      2. I started with riptide and I’m yours and they were so easy! Those are my recommendations to start with! Hope I help you!

  2. The Ukulele is such an interesting instrument. The tiny housing packs a unique punch. Very nice to see a list like this!

  3. I loved your article so much :), I am a newbie and want to learn it but before that, I have to buy one, I googled it and landed on a post which says the concert ukes is best for beginners is it right? I’m attaching that website hope you will find it.
    p s: I am not an online geek please guide me.

    1. Concert Ukes are definitely the best for beginners in my opinion. I would definitely wait to do like a saprano or something. But that’s jut my opinion and what I would do

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